Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I am just kidding, the correct title is: Memphian.

Here we are!! I have officially been living in Memphis almost 3 weeks! I feel like I should copy my brother; "I Live In [Memphis]: Week 3", but, I don't want to put a date on it.

WOW! Everyone has been asking me; "So, what's new?", "How is Memphis?", "How are you doing?", "How do you like it?". 

You guys......I am so delighted to tell you, I love it! My first week here, I had 6 visitors mosey through my abode. SIX people in the first 8 days of moving to Memphis! Needless to say; I was a little overwhelmed!! Moving to a new city, hostessing, planning a move, dealing with no furniture, not knowing the city...but I have the most awesome support system, it all worked out. As overwhelming as it was, every moment was so enjoyable, I would not have wished for it any other way.

My mother helped me move, and boy did she help! My mom is SO CARING, it is insane to me at times (in a good way). It was so re-assuring to know that she was here to help with anything...literally, anything. My mom raised me to be independent, so I felt less-obligated to entertain her and did not stress as much leaving her home alone during the first week. Thank you, mom! Since I arrived on the weekend, it was so helpful having her here merely to keep my thoughts straight, accompany me on store trips, explore the city, etc. I know I can have quite the 'princess complex' attitude at times, but she can deal with it better than anyone I know. Mom, you are the best. I'm sorry for treating you way less than you deserve. 

While she was here, 2 other friends stopped by. I am so glad they did. They are the type of people to say; "hey, we are leaving Milwaukee now, see you in 10 hours", and actually show up the next day. I LOVE IT! Thank you B & S for coming!!! I can't wait for you to visit again, because I will actually be settled and able to take you around, however you are the best people to hang out with during the awkward; 'what do I do in a new town', phase. THANK YOU!

While my mom was sleeping on her last night, I had 3 more girl friends come into town. My mom left and my girl friends were right here to fill the void. We had the best weekend. I got to go to Graceland, experience Beale Street, Rendezvous, and I got to find out my boyfriend had different plans than expected for our relationship. Three years, down the drain. That's where I'm at. 

I am in a seemingly great place given the circumstances. I never dish this kind of stuff, but at this point, I have nothing to lose. Our relationship hadn't been in a good place for a while and I can't explain it, but we weren't 'meant to be'. I am just glad we came to those terms now, rather than months into a marriage. It is very hard losing a close friend regardless. In the big scheme, I just lost all my friends moving across the country, it is just crappy circumstances to cut every cord. I am making it sound more depressing than it really is. I have been so busy at work (which I don't mind at this point) and busy decorating my house that I haven't hit the "oh my gosh, I don't have any friends" phase.

Everyone here is so nice! I walked into the grocery store today and had a group of girls compliment my sweater. Then, the guy at Starbucks couldn't even take my order because he was land-locked with my hair. <3 I love the attention, but I feel like the meanest person around here, not saying "ma'am" and "y'all".  I love it. Southern hospitality is no joke and it's contagious.

I feel obligated to talk about the weather. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snow and cold is a thing of the past and summer hoodies now become my winter coat. I am so overjoyed, I can't even explain. I am happy here, there's not much more to say. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers, I am having a great transition. I look forward to hosting you all as I slowly build my fortress in the south.

Take care Y'ALL! ;)

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  1. Ahhh I love it! I'm so happy and proud of you! Xo