Monday, January 25, 2016

See You Again

It comes with great excitement and long anticipation that I am proud to announce, I am moving to Memphis!

You are probably wondering a million things, so let me try and answer them quick and dirty, then I'd like to talk about the personal aspect I have been dying to dish. 

-I am moving because I got a new job with my current/same company. 
-Feb. 15 is my start date & they'd like me to move ASAP. 
-I will be leading a project dealing a lot in Milwaukee, so I will still travel to Milwaukee through June. 
-My official new title is Production Development Specialist, which is a fancy term for Sr. Manufacturing Engineer. 
-Yes, my cat is coming with me! 
-No, my boyfriend is not, however he is 200% supportive of my decision in lieu of my career. We have a plan to make things work long-distance, so that's all you should be concerned with. [Turns out, "make things work" means "we're done."]
-It is warmer there!! The 7 day forecast shows over 60 degrees (for January). 
-It is in the same time zone. 
-I visited Memphis quite a bit in 2014 for a project, so I am semi-familiar with the area. 
-I have begun apartment searching, but will do more when I'm there in February. 

Those are the basics.  

My feelings:
I AM SO EXCITED!! My impatience, lack of fear, affinity for change, are all characteristics that helped make this life decision. Most importantly, for the past 10 years, I have complained about Wisconsin winters. I have agreed with the phrase "if you hate it, why are you here?" for far too long. This is me standing up and doing something about it. I didn't exactly go searching for the opportunity, but it found me and said; "Hey Berea, I'm here. Are you coming?".  I couldn't say no.

I had my mind made up the day I found out about the opportunity. After the shell shock, my subconscious had a 20 minute conversation about the positives & negatives, but at minute 21, I vividly remember thinking "Berea, are you kidding me? You have to do this." End of story. I knew. 

All too often, I get into conversations with people wanting to do more. When I talk about my brothers' life adventures, the usual comment is "I wish I could do that." What are your limitations? What is the consequence of exceeding those boundaries? As much as I hate cliche sayings; "never say never". 

I am not moving as an excuse for an escape, rather to challenge my comfort zone and learn MANY new things. I am perfectly content with what I have and where I am, but contentment is not progressive. Fear of change is the biggest road block I face in my career, so if I am advocating for change, I need to understand its challenges in order to sell the change.

My fears:
-Leaving family
-Leaving the best friends I've ever had
-My job not meeting expectations 
-Living in a southern state (and getting the Yankee comment all too often as well as the [slower] pace of things and being called ma'am). 
-Not being amongst Packer fans
-Driving 9+hrs with my cat 

Not to sound rude, but I don't need your advice. I will be fine. The positives outweigh these fears and I have contingency plans for all the above. My family loves me, friends will come and go, and I won't have to wonder "what if".

What I ask of you:
Please text me whenever! Probably a lot at first, but I will really need you 1, 2, 3+ months in. Just say hi, tell me you miss me, whatever. Our relationship won't be the same, but I promise I will always want to hear from you! I have moved enough in my life to know when I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind. I will hold no animosity when your life moves forward without my presence because mine will too. 
I want you to visit!! Just give me a slight warning and I promise I will be the best hostess! 

I made this decision because if not now, when? This is the best time to do it.

I ask that you send me Spotted Cow, Packer's swag, and cheese. No brats or snow please. 

Stay tuned for my Memphis adventures! There will be more to tell. :)

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