Monday, December 7, 2015

A Gram of Beauty

"My personal theory is that a way to deflect a possible negative interaction is by starting a friendly interaction with the person."

This is a recent observation that my brother pointed out on his blog and it struck a familiar note.

To quickly recap his quote, he is a runner and was discussing how runners often say "Hi" or "Good morning" to each other almost in a way to establish a basic friendship of trust. I think this eludes to a recent situation in the town he lives where a woman was brutally murdered around the time he runs in the morning.

Within the past year, I met a woman, who for lack of better terms is what most would call "drop dead gorgeous". Everything from her composure to benevolence and ease of sparking conversation and drawing you in is 'on point'. Yes, it is intimidating to the average Joe, mostly because of her beauty and confidence, but she recently clued me in on a secret to her poise.

After months of growing our friendship, we were talking one night and I questioned how we even became friends. I mentioned something along the lines of my insecurities often coming off in an obtrusive manner and it's not like me to easily make friends with beautiful women*. In her nonchalant tone, she giggled and said; "Berea, #1 you know that you are one of those beautiful woman, right?! #2, I always have to introduce my right away to people who make me feel like that and make friends so that I don't feel intimidated by them." That, to me, was so powerful, like DUH! I guess it just clicked.

So when my brother made the comment I quoted above, it seemed very familiar to me. I'm not sure if it is just how we were raised and the same blood running through our veins or something that many people could learn from.

However you look at it, I can't help but revert to positivity. Enough said.

* For my friends reading this, please do not interpret that to mean you are not beautiful in every way, it was just as hard for me to make friends with you.

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