Monday, October 19, 2015

Re-Meet Berea

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by. I am writing today, because my post with the most views, Meet Berea, was written over 6 years ago, so I decided I need a re-introduction. When I checked this morning, it had more than 350 views and is the top result when you search google for "Berea Janzen". Regardless, I have changed and grown in the past 6 years, so here is my update.

I am a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at ABB, one of the world's leading companies in power, automation, and electricity. In layman's terms, if you have seen Iron Man 3 or Terminator Salvation, the big orange robots that make an appearance were built/designed by my company. I work mainly with production and operations to improve efficiency at our plant which assembles motor drives, along with some other electrical control products. I have worked here almost 5 years, starting with my first internship and holding 3 other titles.

I am a 2012 graduate from MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering), and hold my B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Getting my degree from a private engineering school was by far the hardest thing I've done, but worth the unspeakable amount of debt I am in because of it. Looking back, I am honestly shocked by how everything worked out considering in 2007 I would have never expected to now be an engineer. I have aspirations to go on for my MBA, but am beyond terrified of taking the GMAT. I have a hard time justifying paying $250 for a test that might not go well. So, that is a work in progress.

I get asked weekly where my name comes from, so if you do not know, maybe you are curious. Berea is a city in Greece, but no, I am not Greek. The name Berea comes from the bible and is now called "Veria". There is also a town of Berea in Ohio and Kentucky in the United States, which I occasionally get asked about, but my parents did not know about them when they named me. After stating Berea is a biblical name of a city in Greece, I usually get asked if I am Greek which turns into a conversation about me actually being German.

My immediate family consists of my parents (married 33 years) and my older brother, Isaiah. Together we lived in 5 different states during my childhood, mainly due to my dads career development. I have a very small extended family, consisting of 2 grandparents, 3 aunts, 3 uncles, and 4 cousins. One grandpa passed when my mom was 14, the other when I was a baby, and my grandma 4 years ago. My other grandma re-married, so I also have a "step" grandpa, but as far as I am concerned, he is the only one I have known, so there is no difference. Then 2 of my 4 cousins were adopted at a young age, but I grew up knowing them as part of the family also.

I also have a cat that I call my fur baby, Mika, a medium hair tuxedo love bug. I have had her about 4 years, so she is now 6 1/2 years old. I really try refraining from being a crazy cat lady, but there are not many better things than holding her after a long day, with her nails sunk in just far enough to say, "don't leave me", with her soft fur, and loud purr box. She has helped cheer me up many times.

Apart from the basics, I also have aspirations to move to a warmer climate sooner than later. I never thought I would stay in Wisconsin past college, so each year is a little surprising and depressing mid-winter when it is 0 degrees out with 10mph windchill and 3 feet of snow. It would be much easier to relocate if I did not have an amazing job. Until then, traveling will have to do.

Hope you have enjoyed reading!

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