Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Inside Out

The recent movie, Inside Out, explained emotions very well, in my opinion. I think I need to watch it 2 or 3 more times to catch everything. It is so far beyond my understanding of how emotions work, how they differ between people, how to control them, and how to properly convey them as to be unbelievable. Regardless, I recommend you watch the movie unless you are a stoic person with zero emotions.

Drastically switching topics, I want to post my yearly rant on different political hot topics, namely; nationwide gay marriage passage & confederate flags. I say "yearly rant" because I usually hate getting involved with politics because I am not entirely educated on these subjects and can only provide my little slice of the pie. Besides; I am terrified of getting slammed by people that have opposite opinions when I really only mean to convey how I feel and am not trying to change the world into having the same opinions. Just to re-iterate, this is my blog, that I share with the world, to hear my opinions and discussions about the thoughts in my head and to give you a better glance at who I am. I encourage you to have your own opinions, but please be courteous of mine as well. Let's get to it...

1- Gay marriage. To keep this short I will only say a few things. First, I don't mean to judge anyone on their life choices. The sins I have committed (and continue to commit) are equivalent to everyone else on this planet and as a Christian, I know I am no "better" than anyone else and choose to repent those sins because of reasons too detailed to discuss here and now. That being said, I am Christian and thus my beliefs do not promote the unity of same sex individuals. My life choice is believing in the bible and God's Word and keeping his teachings as my core morals. I could write a lot more, but I recently read an article that captures the essence of my beliefs on gay marriage and aligns close enough to share with you. To read in full, please click here.

2- Confederate flags. In case I, or anyone else, look back on this post, there was a recent shooting in South Carolina by a 21 year old (accused white supremacy advocate) at a predominately African American church. (Google: Charleston Church Shooting). Anyways, as a spin-off, since the 21yr old had a lot of confederate memorabilia, it has become a nationwide issue of banning confederate flags from nearly every aspect of society. Most stores have stopped selling them, including Amazon who took down all of their confederate items. Enough back story...I can't say whether I agree with all of the societal repercussions happening because of this incident, but I can certainly attest to the southern cultural norm of confederacy pride, for lack of better words. I can't count the number of times I was called a "Yankee" while spending time in Memphis, TN last year. I found it extremely offensive considering half of my family did not arrive in America until AFTER the civil war and even though the "Yankees" won the war, I certainly DO NOT/HAVE NOT ever flaunted it. Since the war was 150 years ago, I really question why people want to represent a time period our nation has fought so hard to change and give us ALL the freedom we have today. The confederacy lost, and for good reasons we can all be proud of. If anything, those flags should be a reminder of what we already fought and conquered. I understand and can appreciate family history if your roots are from the South, but you also need to support the greater good of the future and decide what you want to represent for your children/grandchildren.

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