Thursday, May 14, 2015


I do not talk about work much on my blog because I am scared I might say something that does not represent my company in the way they want and get me in trouble. That does not discount the fact that I spend 45 hours a week "earning" a paycheck and working for the big man in Zurich.

Work is a funny topic for me. I probably relate to very few of you.

Apart from lawn mowing and doing office work for my dad, my first job was at Shopko when I was 16. Within a year, I went from cashier to service desk to customer service supervisor. Yes, I was managing people at the age of 17. Where do you put that on a resume? I left that job for college, and I still look back on it as one of the greatest learning experiences I have had related to jobs/careers. I was a waitress one summer, which was probably the most mentally difficult job I have ever had, then I was a cocktail waitress at a bar, which paid amazing and meshed well with my college habits and sleep schedule. During school, I worked at my college bookstore, which was the absolute best way to numb my brain after sitting in engineering classes all day and included 2 great bosses who treated me like their child. My junior year of college I got my first internship which has turned into the job I have now.

My internship could not have been better. I was on top of the world, getting paid more than I ever had, dressing up every day, getting up 4hrs earlier than I was used to every day, having freedom none of my other jobs had ever given me, and MOST IMPORTANTLY it affirmed that I wanted to be an engineer and finish school.

I always said that the day I walk into work unhappy was the day I needed to start looking for another job. In respect to jobs, I am an extremely positive person. My dad once told me something to the effect of having to make work fun or you will live a very long, unhappy life, so that is what I have tried doing. I also believe that you can influence your emotions based on how you decide to think. If you think "work sucks" and it is "boring", that is what it will be. I can't say I am that positive in all aspects of my life, but when I am having a bad day at work, I will complain about it and then think how blessed I am to have what I do.

I attended a retirement party recently for a fellow coworker and it was an eye-opening experience. He had 40+ years of experience and mostly with our company. A phrase that stuck with me is when he told the older generation to have patience with the younger employees. He said that we will make the same mistakes he/they did at one point, but you grow and keep making mistakes until you retire. He said that we all bring something to the table and have to be understanding of each other to grow as a company. Not any person alone can run this company and even older employees can learn from young ones. It felt good to hear from a retiree that he has something to learn from someone with such little experience because in many aspects I look up to him just like you look up to your grandparents because of their wisdom and worldly knowledge.

So I switched jobs at the beginning of the year to a different division in the same company and boy has it been interesting! Who knew it could be so different simply switching divisions? I went from knowing a lot to knowing very little and it has been hard for me. I switched jobs probably for the main reason that I didn't feel I was growing exponentially anymore. I was extremely comfortable and knew if I did not take the opportunity to grow elsewhere, I might be stuck feeling comfortable for a while. I think all of this stems from college and learning so much so quick so there is a void when that feeling is not there.

Every day is a unique experience and as much as we try to understand the course, we may never. Until then, I will try to keep learning. :)

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