Monday, April 13, 2015

A Note: Part 4 (Lessons Learned)

As a preface, for those of you unfamiliar to what I am talking about in this string of posts, I attended the 24 Hour World Championship Of Ultrarunning in Torino, Italy. Reason being; my older brother qualified for it as the #2 spot on the USA men's team. I will spare the details, because each part is dedicated to a specific person/group who knows the circumstantial details of what I will be addressing.

Here are the links to the other parts:

This part is recapping [some of] the lessons I learned-

I learned many things......
1- I will definitely help pack Isaiah's supplies next time. Thankfully we had a big backup supply for the team, but there were many things Isaiah requested on the spot that were never discussed.
2- I will probably invest in a mifi or something similar. I had many friends and family wanting live updates that I couldn't really provide unless I was standing in the right spot at the right time with my phone at the right angle.
3- I learned there needs to be better communication within a crew as far as job responsibilities. It was just my mom and I crewing for my brother and it didn't work well. Who prepares the food/drinks, who hands them to him, who watches for him, who cheers for him, who decides what he needs, who runs to the middle of the course to check on him or cheer for him, who changes him? There needs to be order and organization. It would also help having a "runner" to get his water bottles or any other errands needed.
4- Ice, ice, ice. Hot water, hot water, hot water. Depending on the temperatures outside, food/drink temp. is important.
5- I will dress more appropriately also. It got really cold in the middle of the night and really hot during the day. Needless to say, I was not prepared. Also with my shoe choice, but it could have been worse.
6- I want to start running again. Easier said than done, but there are many reasons for this also. It's rewarding, it's good for you, there are always different lengths and goals, it's positive, and many more. Watching all the runners made me feel fat and lazy. I was also asked about 3-4 times if I was a runner simply because "I look like one". Quite honestly, that's half the battle. Another reason is because the Germans killed it at running and I've got a lot of German in me. Perhaps that contributes to my brother being a professional world runner as well. My biggest struggle is giving up. When I'm bad at something, I give up too easily. In order for me to be a successful runner, I need to be invested and find motivation. I have the determination when I set goals, so maybe I'll start there. Isaiah, feel free to give me crap about not running, that motivates me.
7- Find better phrases to cheer and learn what Isaiah needs to hear at different points.
8- Keep track of all items given to Isaiah and better stats. I only got the first 5 hours.

There may or may not be more to come....

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