Monday, April 13, 2015

A Note: Part 3 (Medical & Team Staff)

As a preface, for those of you unfamiliar to what I am talking about in this string of posts, I attended the 24 Hour World Championship Of Ultrarunning in Torino, Italy. Reason being; my older brother qualified for it as the #2 spot on the USA men's team. I will spare the details, because each part is dedicated to a specific person/group who knows the circumstantial details of what I will be addressing.

Here are the links to the other parts:

This part is to the medical & team staff-

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

For helping my brother feel better, encouraging him, making him smile, & coaching us on what to do with him. Let's not forget the mental coaching you did calming US. I'm sorry.

You did wayyyyy more than your job description and not only are the athletes thankful, but so am I. Between relaxing Isaiah, making him smile, telling us what his body was lacking, and putting up with me for 24 hours, thank you.

To the staff for driving us all over Turin, I really appreciate it. Transportation can be such a nightmare in foreign places, it was nice to have you there and keep us coordinated with the athletes.

Thank you for all the supplies you bought. The pizza for us, the athletes food, THE TOILET PAPER, the water. It was incredibly less stressful not having to worry about those details.

Thank you coach for being awesome. (I don't like mentioning people's actual names on here.) You did amazing coordinating everything, and so much more than I even know about. Logistics, statistics, just always knew the answer. I can't say thank you enough for your dedication, you are awesome.

Hopefully next time I won't need to rely on you all SO much, but know I appreciate all that you did.

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