Monday, April 13, 2015

A Note: Part 2 (Fellow Crew)

As a preface, for those of you unfamiliar to what I am talking about in this string of posts, I attended the 24 Hour World Championship Of Ultrarunning in Torino, Italy. Reason being; my older brother qualified for it as the #2 spot on the USA men's team. I will spare the details, because each part is dedicated to a specific person/group who knows the circumstantial details of what I will be addressing.

Here are the links to the other parts:
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This part is to the fellow crew members of the USA athletes I spent the 24 hours with-

You all know it was my first time as "crew". Isaiah won the North Coast 24 with no crew and I had no idea why that was a big deal until this week. When he asked if we'd be his crew, I thought he meant for us to come cheer for him. How was I supposed to know what that really meant? I virtually didn't know anything until a couple hours in. Please forgive us for being uneducated, in your way, needy, unorganized, frantic, or anything else that we were.

Thank you for everything. For giving us salt tablets, gel packs, shot blocks, and everything else we didn't have prepared. Thank you for being patient as we learned and teaching us the tricks. I honestly felt dumb compared to you.

Sorry for running into you a million times or standing in front of you when your runner was coming before ours. I learned its a team effort organizing that many handoffs. I promise to be better the next time we meet.

You all did a great job and taught me a lot. Is it okay for me to say how sore I am today?! :-/

Thanks again and let me know where I can post my pictures to. I have some great ones of most of the runners & crew!

Hopefully I'll see you before 2017, if not, I'll see you then. :)

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