Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No News is Good News

There isn’t much new in this neck of the woods, which leaves little to be excited for and little to complain about.
I’d say the biggest item looming right now is a trip to Italy I have planned for April. Why? My brother won a spot on Team USA for the World Championship 24 Hour Race! I’m not sure if anything surprises me with him anymore. I mean, from the moment he graduated high school and left the house, I don’t think he’s stopped moving since. Regardless, I am beyond excited to be heading to Italy. Bring on the cheese, pasta, fashion, art, cars, and don’t forget the jet lag!
In other news, my boyfriend and I celebrated dating for 2 years over Valentine’s Day this past Saturday. I don’t normally talk about my boyfriend on my blog, but I would say 2 years is blog worthy :-p. It has been a happy 2 years to say the least.

Thanks for reading everyone! God bless!

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