Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reasons I Love My Career

In no specific order.....

1- The reaction I get when I tell people I'm an Industrial Engineer
2- I'm usually always busy
3- I learn something new at least weekly
4- Every day my job is different
5- It's not mind-numbing
6- It's made me more organized in my personal life
7- It comes natural to me
8- It challenges me
9- I'm not the lowest person on the totem-pole, for once
10- I travel
11- The job market seems excellent
12- There's growth opportunity
13- I don't deal with customers
14- I interact with people
15- Knowing college wasn't a waste
16- The paycheck
17- I've become better at communication
18- I see ways to make things outside of work more efficient
19- I am more efficient in my personal life
20- Paid vacation
21- Working on high profile projects
22- Health insurance
23- Easy to expand my portfolio
24- Because I tell myself I love my job
25- I'm proud of my career
26- More people than not respect my career
27- I don't have to sit all day. I also don't have to stand all day
28- It's hard explaining what I do (yes I like that)
29- I teach others, but it's not my main function
30- I make a difference
31- I get to go "shopping" weekly (mainly for manufacturing stuff, but still!)

More reasons I love the company I work for...

33- Working with foreigners
34- Using up-to-date equipment. Like getting a new iphone 6
35- Nearly unlimited resources
36- Part of high profile projects. IE the world cup, the Olympics...
37- Casual Friday
38- Up to date work environment
39- Open to innovation
40- I can wear headphones and listen to music while I work
41- VACATION, the 3 1/2 weeks I got, starting.

I'm sure there's more...

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