Monday, August 4, 2014

24 Years Young

What an enlightening year! Here are my reflections:

I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday. As a young adult, I'm not afraid to announce my age.....usually after letting you guess how old I am first. This time last year, I celebrated with my boyfriend, in Baltimore, on his work trip. This year, I had 14 of my closer friends celebrate with me on a weekend camping trip.

As we floated down the river, I looked around at each of my friends, the sun beaming off my face and I couldn't help but smile and soak in that exact moment, with those exact people.

I received a handful of gifts that I am far from deserving of and beyond thankful for. As I read my 50+ notifications on Facebook of people wishing me happy birthday, I felt like I have been the worst friend over the past year for not returning the favor to so many people who took time to think of me. If you are one of those people reading this, I'm sorry, I'll try to do better this year and you do mean a lot to me.

My parents said something that really struck a note in my mind. A precursor; they are my parents, and they are bias and extremely loving and spoil me, but in an astonished tone, they both expressed how proud they were of where I am for being 24 years old. They both reminisced of where they were at 24 and it made me think and be thankful.

Berea Janzen will likely always have 10 million emotions and at 24, today is no different. For me, this is a weird age. I think it's safe to say that after 21, most people's 20's are weird. I am a young adult. I don't have kids, a husband, a house, and many other "adult" things, but I'm not a kid. I make decisions, I pay bills, I am fairly independent.

I seem to learn more about myself every year and then look back and realize how much I've changed. It's an interesting cycle.

I've roughly estimated the average age of my friends, and the people I hang out with most often is about 27 or 28. They all tell me how young I am and often call me the baby, in a way I feel myself running to catch up to them, and then I have a birthday and realize, they'll always be older than me. Even if they say this year how young I am, when I'm 30, they'll still call me young. In my exact words from 1 year ago: "I do not look forward to the day when that changes and people stop telling me I'm young. "

It was another great year. A special thanks to God for giving me to my parents on the most beautiful day of the year, my parents, my best friend (JKD), the love of my life, his parents, and everyone else who was part of my special day!! 

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