Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer 2014

Hello Wisconsin!

I must say, it is pretty weird coming into work 3 consecutive days after having been out the past 2 weeks at 2 different training classes, in 2 different parts of the country. I feel like the 4th of July was so long ago and July has come and passed!

To catch you up, I joined some friends, out of town, during the 4th to spend the day on a lake. It was the first time I actually got up on a wake-board! Proof:

First Time Up on a Wake-Board 7/4/2014

I then spent a very cold 5th of July on a private beach for a firework show. Yes, that is my boyfriend below in a sweatshirt at about 3pm July 5th on a beach just north of Milwaukee.

16" Mortar Being Loaded (by Licensed Professionals) 7/5/2014

I left Monday, July 7th for ABB Leadership Training in Memphis. It was nice to have a week semi-off from work and focused on professional growth. I learned a lot, mainly about myself, that I see myself trying to use in the day-to-day work environment. It was also a great experience for meeting new people (resources) in my organization across different functions. Simple road-blocks I have encountered in the past were easily solved by talking to the right people. The experience gave a good perspective of how ginormous ABB is. I love it.

The following week, July 13th, I left for Salt Lake City for training in a 3D simulation software, FlexSim, that our division recently gained access to. Utah was great! My training class only had one other person, so we were able to get almost personal training. I went hiking one night in the mountains, which was really fun! 

Stewart Falls Near Sundance, Utah 7/14/2014

I got back just in time to have under 24 hours of downtime before leaving to the Wisconsin Dells for my cousins' wedding. As my brother said in his blog, this was a big deal for us because we only have 4 cousins and she is the first to get married. It opened the door for a weekend of thinking about many different things. 

Me and the Bride 7/19/2014

I discovered on my 2 hour drive home from the Dells I had a nail in my tire and prayer the whole way home I would just make it. $300 later, my oil is clean, tire is fixed, and I have gas to get to work. 

This week, I'm back in the office, back to the grind, back to the hourly interruptions. Having 2 weeks away was so refreshing. I came back with an open mind, semi-outside perspective, and tons of new tools. If it was my choice, I would like to travel more. Learning and exploring has such a big importance to me. Thankfully, I'm finding more ways to do so so that it is beneficial to me and ABB. 

I also just booked a vacation to Jamaica for this coming January. Already excited for that. My birthday is also quickly approaching and I have some fun plans planned for that also.

Stay tuned!

Matthew 13: Parable of the Weeds

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