Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Adventure

Memphis in May.

This goes down as my 3rd trip to Memphis this year. I learn more and have a different experiences each time I'm here. This time, I'm alone. I arrived this past Friday and am here until Friday.

I don't have any friends in Memphis outside of work which makes having a good weekend here more difficult. From past experiences, I really try to keep business and pleasure separate entities of my life. I'd like my coworkers to respect me and am afraid what information in my personal life could be used against me at a critical time. That's not to say I'm hiding something, I just don't enjoy additional pressure of pleasing people outside of work.

Anyways, the past few days have been a struggle filling my time with activities I can do alone. I wasted a good hour or 2 getting my nails done, but that can only be done once while I'm here. I've gone to bed early. Going out to eat alone is depressing. I got the courage to go to the Memphis Zoo yesterday which was enjoyable especially being able to relax while mothers (some near my age) were chasing around their crying, snotty babies...I'm thankful I could enjoy my time alone. I laid in the sun for a couple hours this weekend, which was highly enjoyable since it's been 80+ degrees every day.

So, I guess my point is two-fold. 1- Being alone is extremely hard for me, so sometimes being forced to be alone is good for me. I need to enjoy it more because I am extremely blessed to get these opportunities. 2- It makes me thankful for experiences I get to share with people.

I'm proud of myself for not just sitting in my hotel room alone

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