Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Review

Looking back, 2013 started better than I could have thought. Although I didn't get a NYE midnight kiss, exactly one year ago today was the seed of my relationship with my boyfriend. Little did I know how happy I would be a year later.

January started with a bang having only spent one weekend at home in Milwaukee and set the precedent for how my year would turn out. Looking back, I did not spend more than 3 solid weekends in a row in Milwaukee. I purchased my first new car in February so I had to show it around a little ;)! 

I didn't leave the state until March when I visited my brother in Dubuque, which is hardly out of the state! With temperatures BARELY pushing 40 degrees by April, I headed South to Arizona for an extended weekend with some friends. May of this year, my brother and I FINALLY made plans, after 9 years, to go skydiving. The three times I attempted, winds were too high to let a newbie jumped, so after feeling the adrenaline, I gave up and decided I wouldn't waste my time and have still yet to skydive. My brother was able to a few weekends later. 

Summer in Milwaukee is the best, so I enjoyed much of the time at festivals, wine tastings, boating, comedy shows, and, of course, work. I had a couple trips out of town visiting friends/family, but nothing outrageously notable. 

On my birthday weekend, in August, I took my first trip with my boyfriend to Baltimore. I got to enjoy TONS of seafood and learn a lot about his business. It was an absolute blast. The following weekend was spent in Chicago celebrating my birthday with friends which was also very fun. 

October was exciting getting to visit St. Louis where I lived for a period of my childhood. The visit was for my boyfriends' half sisters' wedding. Halloween was spent in Austin, Texas due to a work event my boyfriend had to attend and might be my favorite vacation of the year. Austin is a beautiful city and I got to relax the entire weekend. 

Thanksgiving was the first holiday my boyfriend and I shared time with each family. Growing up.

To conclude my year of traveling out of state and being absolutely frustrated with Wisconsin winter, I headed to Miami with my boyfriend and his [identical] twin. 80 degree weather, air boating, alligator watching, Camero driving, crab cooking, and deep sea fishing also made this trip extremely enjoyable. I can't wait to go back. 

Time with my family on Christmas was a wake-up for me growing up. My time is differently spent now than when I was in college. Reason: in college (and all through school for that matter) you got summers' off, winter break, spring break, this break, that break, and after surviving my first entire year of 40-45 hr work weeks, vacation time is appreciated a little differently. 

Speaking of growing up, 2013 was my first year of having independent health insurance, paying loans, paying for [my own] car issues, paying my phone bill, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. 

God Bless!! 

It's been a great year, I am looking forward to 2014!

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