Friday, September 20, 2013

A Good Friday

I decided this morning I like Starbucks better than Alterra/Colectivo. The staff at my local Starbucks knows me by name and by my drink-of-choice. I would ask for their number so I could text them each morning that I was on my way, but I like the 2 minute conversations we have each morning while I'm waiting for my latte milk to froth. This morning we discussed the ios7 update, duh. It's also nice having barista friends because I think they feel bad about all the money I spend on coffee so I occasionally get a drink on the house otherwise I love the gold card program Starbucks has. Also, I think every store on this planet should accept iphone payments like Starbucks. It's SO EFFICIENT and convenient.

Today was a good day at work too. I made a huge breakthrough that is going to save us SOOOO MUCH time and money!! It was simply an idea that came to me. It is  pleasant when things like that happen because so much of your time at work is spent doing repetitive tasks, relatively speaking, that creative thinking sometimes goes out the door and you loose track of the big picture. I think I impressed my boss.

Happy with my accomplishment and ability to teach the appropriate people the new process, I took a break from my desk to "hang out" on the production floor. I've been spending a lot of time at my desk and decided I needed to go touch base with the assemblers. I walked around the floor and had some good conversations with different people. I would not say it was a waste of time whatsoever because most of the discussions were work related and I think having those relations are reallllllly important.

With over 300 people working in my building, I definitely don't know everyone and I met someone new today. While down on the floor, I got into a discussion with a guy from a different division. It didn't take long for us to figure out that we are both Industrial Engineers. Is it sad to think that two people doing the same job in the same building for the same company (different divisions) had not been introduced after at least a year of working in the same place?! We didn't talk long but at least there is a bridge now.

In other news, I'm going to St. Louis next month for my boyfriends' step sisters' wedding. That's exciting because I used to live there and have only driven through in the past 18 years...This year I have already spent the night in 6 states (driving through doesn't count). Let's see how many more I can add to that list!

Monday, September 9, 2013


I just learned this morning that another one of Van Goghs paintings was discovered recently. All these years it had been tucked away in an attic on accounts of owner thinking it was a fake. The article I read put it perfectly saying that we think we know everything, then something like this happens and changes our perception. It is a great reality check that no one is perfect and also very exciting to find puzzle pieces you never knew were missing.

This news is exciting to me because ever since I started learning about art, Van Gogh has been my inspiration and favorite artist. Regardless of his potentially psychotic reputation, he was a phenomenal artist. I personally think he was a good artist BECAUSE he was crazy, I think he would have agreed with me too.
So this painting they found, "Sunset at Montmajour", is estimated to be worth over $40 million. Do you think Van Gogh would be proud his work is THAT great or angry he never saw the money?

I think that art is so amazing. I understand it because every picture tells a story. Almost like a secret, that only one person really knows. For me, painting is therapeutic. I don't have a long attention span for things I don't enjoy doing, yet I could sit down and paint forever. It's amazing how without saying a word you can let out so many emotions. It is an accomplishment too. Like winning a medal or trophy. Unlike sports though, artists have the ability to control their paintings. Hence why so many paintings have layers upon layers of paint. If you don't like it, just keeping going until you do. Maybe control has something to do with it also.

Anyways, I think Van Gogh had great art and he certainly had deep issues that drove his liquid emotions. I also think it is great they are finding more of his work. I am sure there is much more to be discovered.

Friday, September 6, 2013


It's been a while so I thought I would update.

Life is great.
Work is great.
Family is great.
Boyfriend is great.
Friends are great.
God is great.

That about sums it.

-A very content Berea.