Friday, August 9, 2013


There is no lack of excitement to be had in this world. You sometimes have to find it but it most often finds me.

This post is finding its way to you through a very exasperated Berea. People astound me.

I learned a very long time ago how different each and every one of us humans are yet something is still inhibiting us from learning "best practices" from one another. Call it asininity or stubbornness or what have you, but I think there is something to learn from everyone.

In the manufacturing industry for those of you not familiar, we have what we call "industry best practices". For example, in all manufacturing plants, incoming material is somehow received and distributed to the workers to make something. You would be surprised at the difficulty of doing something so simple, right? Receive, distribute. Well, sometimes the suppliers don't deliver when they said or something gets lost or a person is sick or a part comes damaged etc etc. So an industry best practice would be something like receiving all material in 24 hours and having it all stocked/organized in 48. It is kind of like, when you need an idea on the best way to do a process, what are other companies/factories doing that has proven to work well in similar situations?

Well, I am speaking in the context of communication particularly and the inability of people to communicate. I am going to split communication into the kind you do in your personal life and the kind you do at work and the types which boil down to; talking on the phone, texting, and emailing (or some form of any of these).

It is your responsibility, when you know a piece of information useful to others, to COMMUNICATE it. Just talk.

So I am learning that people are bad at communication and there is something I can do to combat this problem, but it's not easy. Most often, if you ask the right questions, you get the right answers, however, the questions are not black and white and if you miss asking a question, plans fail and people get angry.

I feel like this is all common sense and I don't want to go into details but perhaps that is why I am good at my job?

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