Saturday, August 3, 2013


Here we go......

I am traveling, so I have had some time to read the news, learn more about what is going on in Detroit, play angry birds, and do some deep thinking. Today's topic: feminism. 

First of all, I am going to mention today is my 23rd birthday. Chances are if I saw you in person you would have one of two responses; "Berea-you're so young" or "wow-I feel old" if you are younger than me, you probably don't care. I do not look forward to the day when that changes and people stop telling me I'm young. 

So in having some free time, I went blog surfing. The first 10 or so blogs were either about some sport I'm not interested in or hadn't been updated in 3 years. I finally stumbled on one that struck my interest so I read the most recent post: A Continually Changing Perspective. In short, it was a post about a young woman, in her late 20's I gathered, in the Peace Corps who is/was in Jamaica and dealing with the unfamiliar and blatant attention from the men. It began turning my internal gears. 

That's not just a Jamaican thing or a foreign thing and this isn't meant to be a "I hate men" post, but inappropriate actions exist in our culture as well. I don't know if I first realized it in Buffalo Oklahoma, Boulder Colorado, LA, MSOE, or the list continues......just this morning on the streets of Baltimore, a truck honked at me. 

I am not sure what the purpose is or what they expect, but it is not welcomed. They get nothing out of it and I get nothing but annoyed. I think America has a bigger sexist issue than racist issue but we have a lot of problems and that was a powerful statement...

I don't know which is worse, men who set the stereotype or women who reinforce it. I love nothing more than being a young female engineer. I finally have a conversation piece to make people (men) speechless. I am no better than you are better than me regardless of my sex or skin color. 

Think about blind people. Granted accents and tone come in to play, but they can't judge on physical features like people with sight can.

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