Monday, July 22, 2013

My family in Africa

I sit here, my AC pumping a relaxing 72 degrees, typing away on my new iPad, watching my oversized TV, crunching on some BBQ kettle cooked Lays chips. Life is great. My cat is eminently snoozing next to me with no worry of a slight bit of danger. I finished a typical Monday at work learning how to prevent fires so I don't have to put them out and, of course, fighting a few.

I think it is interesting growing up and changing how you think about certain things differently than as when you were a kid. Let's take my parents being in Africa as an example. I feel like I sent my kids (parents) off to summer camp. I realized how much I talk to my parents when they suddenly aren't there to talk back. A week into their trip, I had to start taking notes on what I am going to tell them when they get back. I'm sure their list is longer.

I am getting anxious for their return. A few sentences here and there from them is like reading a very suspenseful book...

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