Monday, July 1, 2013


For the BILLIONTH time in 22 years, I moved again this weekend. (Side note: I actually only counted 15 times I have moved in my life, although I suspect I am missing a few.) I can't say this was the easiest move, but it was only down a few floors. The easiest was when I was little because then I didn't really help do anything and did not have to lift anything heavy or manage the movers. However close or far a move is, it is a pain. Packing and unpacking. Moving to college and out on my own wasn't bad. As a college student, I didn't have many nice things and I had virtually no income so I didn't have as much as I do now. I have also begun to acquire things such as furniture which is also a pain. Even after donating 3 garbage bags of clothes a couple months ago, I still got made fun of for having boxes labeled; "Clothes I don't wear".....uhm that's a problem. I won't even mention the boxes upon boxes of shoes I own or the bedroom at my parents house that still holds some of my belongings. My anxiety was through the roof yesterday realizing how much stuff I have. I am certainly not a minimalist however, compared to others in my gene pool, I have a much easier time getting rid of things.
Moving is stressful.
Good news: I have a 4 day weekend coming up.

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