Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Am Crazy

Loaded subject isn't it?.....

I have been told toooooo many times in my life I am crazy, however I believe everyone is crazy and that there is no good definition of the word. Depending on the context, verbiage, and tone, "crazy" can mean a lot of things from actually insane to "possessed with enthusiasm".

I am a different kind of crazy than my brother, for example. People call him crazy for taking a leisure run through the streets of Pakistan or wanting to climb Mount Everest with no oxygen. People call me crazy for wearing 6" heels or asking for my $50 steak to be well-done.

Here is the thing , I am very in-touch with my crazy (thanks dad for this expression). I am not afraid to let people see my crazy. I mean that is who I am. My emotional expressions might seem "crazy" because most people do not want others to see that side of them. Before calling me crazy, think back to the last time you did something or thought something you would be embarrassed to share with others.

"When we enter relationships with the illusion that people are normal, we resist the truth that they are not. We enter an endless attempt to fix them, control them, or pretend that they are what they're not. One of the great marks of maturity is to accept the fact that everyone comes "as is"." Quote from the book "Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them"

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