Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 Inches

I wore heels for the first time to my job today.

I say this as if it is something really important and for the majority of professional women, they would laugh I even mentioned something they've been doing for years. HOWEVER, as a female engineer, the door has just not been open for me to do so. I love dressing up and wearing nice clothes-dresses/skirts- and taking time to get ready and, of course wearing heels, but in an environment where safety is #1; heels pose a trip hazard, necklaces could get caught and strangle you, wearing a skirt exposes your legs to potential danger so it really limits my natural fashion sense to khakis, loafers/steel toes, a nice blouse. Period.

I bought a pair of 2 inch, wedge, ankle boots yesterday which I think are appropriate. They are mostly covered by my pants anyways, so no one even mentioned anything. It's amazing how much more confident 2 inches provides. I think I will wear them more.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Busy next TWO weekends ahead of me. This weekend I have a lot planned socially with the usual group of friends from birthday parties to bowling to private restaurant openings......Not to mention my parents come home Sunday which will place me in Chicago Sunday at O'Hare. I love plans, I love excitement, I love my friends, I love weekends.

In 2 weekends, I am going to Baltimore. That is my birthday weekend. Long story short, I have some connections and look forward to spending another birthday in another state. =) Can't wait.

Work is going very well. I am very proud of my company. I can't wait for the future!

God bless!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My family in Africa

I sit here, my AC pumping a relaxing 72 degrees, typing away on my new iPad, watching my oversized TV, crunching on some BBQ kettle cooked Lays chips. Life is great. My cat is eminently snoozing next to me with no worry of a slight bit of danger. I finished a typical Monday at work learning how to prevent fires so I don't have to put them out and, of course, fighting a few.

I think it is interesting growing up and changing how you think about certain things differently than as when you were a kid. Let's take my parents being in Africa as an example. I feel like I sent my kids (parents) off to summer camp. I realized how much I talk to my parents when they suddenly aren't there to talk back. A week into their trip, I had to start taking notes on what I am going to tell them when they get back. I'm sure their list is longer.

I am getting anxious for their return. A few sentences here and there from them is like reading a very suspenseful book...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Am Crazy

Loaded subject isn't it?.....

I have been told toooooo many times in my life I am crazy, however I believe everyone is crazy and that there is no good definition of the word. Depending on the context, verbiage, and tone, "crazy" can mean a lot of things from actually insane to "possessed with enthusiasm".

I am a different kind of crazy than my brother, for example. People call him crazy for taking a leisure run through the streets of Pakistan or wanting to climb Mount Everest with no oxygen. People call me crazy for wearing 6" heels or asking for my $50 steak to be well-done.

Here is the thing , I am very in-touch with my crazy (thanks dad for this expression). I am not afraid to let people see my crazy. I mean that is who I am. My emotional expressions might seem "crazy" because most people do not want others to see that side of them. Before calling me crazy, think back to the last time you did something or thought something you would be embarrassed to share with others.

"When we enter relationships with the illusion that people are normal, we resist the truth that they are not. We enter an endless attempt to fix them, control them, or pretend that they are what they're not. One of the great marks of maturity is to accept the fact that everyone comes "as is"." Quote from the book "Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them"

Monday, July 1, 2013


For the BILLIONTH time in 22 years, I moved again this weekend. (Side note: I actually only counted 15 times I have moved in my life, although I suspect I am missing a few.) I can't say this was the easiest move, but it was only down a few floors. The easiest was when I was little because then I didn't really help do anything and did not have to lift anything heavy or manage the movers. However close or far a move is, it is a pain. Packing and unpacking. Moving to college and out on my own wasn't bad. As a college student, I didn't have many nice things and I had virtually no income so I didn't have as much as I do now. I have also begun to acquire things such as furniture which is also a pain. Even after donating 3 garbage bags of clothes a couple months ago, I still got made fun of for having boxes labeled; "Clothes I don't wear".....uhm that's a problem. I won't even mention the boxes upon boxes of shoes I own or the bedroom at my parents house that still holds some of my belongings. My anxiety was through the roof yesterday realizing how much stuff I have. I am certainly not a minimalist however, compared to others in my gene pool, I have a much easier time getting rid of things.
Moving is stressful.
Good news: I have a 4 day weekend coming up.