Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It has confused me my whole life why things are not just easy. How come every day at lunch, the line at Panera is so long that it gets divided at the coffee stand and people do not know whether to cram in the door or barge through everyone to snake the line in front of the coffee? Half the time the line splits into 2 lines and people argue about who is next in line. How come Wal-Mart has 40 some odd registers but inevitably only 5 people working at a time? How come splitting a bill with 10 people is SO hard? And by the way, why can’t I just go on my phone, open to the restaurant I am at and easily pay by bill on my phone in about 10 seconds? Why did I not get a notice that my street parking permit was going to expire before it did and I got a ticket? How come I can’t store my tanning lotion and eye protection at the tanning place instead of it freezing in my car?

I mean seriously, the list is ENDLESS. Well, this is not only my life, it is my job. I am finally starting to understand the world and why things are not always done “easy”.

There always seems to be a tradeoff of doing something easier. Kind of like the concept, “you pay for what you get”.  In my job, I want people to be the happiest doing their job. Taking steps toward happiness most likely means having their specific process/job/task easy to complete. Unfortunately, it is hard for anyone to see the large picture without all the information available. So making one person’s job easier might double or triple the work for someone else unknowingly. I often find myself on a fence with two people pulling me each direction. Either that, or just one person and it is up to me to make decisions to prevent future calamity.

The problem with happiness is that different things make different people happy. Therefore, it is hard to please everyone. Some things are worth fighting for and others are worth compromising.

I still think many things in this world could be done easier, but there is no sense complaining about the things you are not going to make an effort to change. 

So instead of complaining about everything that could be done easier, take a moment to appreciate the things that are already easy.

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