Monday, April 29, 2013

It Won't Happen To Me

Well, it could.

I have lots of thoughts and opinions on random acts of violence.

I believe anything could happen to anyone at any time.
It's not worth being overly scared about because RANDOM acts are hard to predict and prevent.
I think everything happens for a reason and death is part of life we cannot understand.

My first experience with a random act of violence on a large scale was the Oklahoma City bombing. I was four years old at the time so my memory is vague, however, I do know that I lived in Buffalo, Oklahoma at the time. My home was a mere 2 hour drive from the chaos. I have a computer key from the destruction's aftermath. It was close enough to make you think and even possibly know people directly affect.

As I've said before, I was in the World Trade Center July of 2001. I think that is beyond ridiculously crazy. When I am 60, 70, 80 years old, not many other people will be able to recall the memories I had about the event in whole.

Then of course, there has been local events such as the salon murder just minutes down the street from my work, and the multiple people ending up in the river after drinking likely within hundreds of feet of me, and church massacres, etc.

It is always shocking, but it's not like you could expect the same event to happen at the same place every time. Even natural disasters are somewhat predictable, at least I can say for certain a pacific hurricane won't be coming ashore from Lake Michigan any time soon.

I can't begin to understand the emotions from the people driving these events. After the fact, our government pieces together "signs" that give some insight to the behavior, but even so are often a stretch of the imagination. People are being watched every day for clues of erroneous behavior but even so, some slip through. What if it was possible to catch every criminal before they committed a crime? You can guarantee there would be a large breakout of protests against convicting potentially innocent people! I believe it has a lot to do with how you are taught to behave by people you trust or believe. I guess it's like a big chain in my mind. Then there is the obvious that people can lie or say things they don't completely mean, so do you punish based on verbal conversation? Well that interferes with freedom of speech. It is all very complicated. There is a very fine line with prevention and I think the US does a fairly good job with it, however, there is ALWAYS room for continuous improvement, or else I'd be out of a job if I didn't believe that.

I think there is help to be had. I wish "talking" to someone wasn't as frowned upon as it seems to be. I get that going to a therapist is hard and sometimes not enjoyable, but I think it is really positive. At least talking to someone with a non-bias perspective.

My opinions likely won't change the world, I just hope that I can go about living my life without upsetting someone so bad they feel like need to hurt me or those I love. That is certainly not my intention.

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