Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My alarm sounds at 5:30, bringing my restless dreams back to life. I manage to talk myself into not moving for the next half hour to which I smell the coffee brewing around 6 and throw my legs over to the side of the bed. Still asleep, I make it to the bathroom and turn on the light. The light feels like I'm looking directly into the sun. My 15 minute shower is all the time I have allotted to waking up and relaxing before the day truly begins. I go through my 20 minute routine of getting ready and professional, pour my thermos full of Medium Pike Place Roast Starbucks Coffee, feed my cat, and dart out the door. On the way to my car I'm collecting myself, making sure I have my work badge on, my work cell turned on, my shoes tied, and my hair in some sort of order. The 30 minute car ride  is filled with whatever music best describes the day. No morning talk shows. I hate hearing people in the morning. I feel as if the fellow commuters are my friends because I sit in traffic with them every day. The roads have ceased with vacationers. I get to work and say hi to everyone, the same as every day. Start my computer, and pray for no urgent emails.
The day is over and I can't wait to get home. To see my cat that is begging for my attention or to make dinner and relax. Sleep usually comes at 10-11pm depending on my exhaustion for the day. I certainly fill my day as to make up for all the years I slept until noon-1pm. My crazy dreams are back pretending they get a part of my day. Creating an imaginary world for a few short hours. As fast as I fell asleep, my buzzer is hounding me to get out of bed. And I think, where did yesterday go?

Routine is all too easy. It's a trap. As a continuous improvement engineer, routine is not my favorite. I'm always changing things and making them better. So how does it seem I fall into a routine? It's only when I think of it like this that I actually question my true fulfillment of the day. Oh well, I'm happy. Or too busy caught in my routine to not be happy.

On another note, my second day of school still sucked. A 3 hour physics lab with all sophomores really makes me question my sanity. When the prof. talks about needing this for your career, I laugh to myself. Being able to find the specific heat of water is a farce. Until every electronic equipment fails and I stop working for a global fortune 500 company, I don't care about specific heat of water. I'll have bigger issues if technology stops. HA.

Well, I have some nightly things to do before bed including some homework. UGH.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

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