Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Got My Lunch Packed up and my Shoes Tied Tight

I started school today. I've actually only sat through 50 minutes of class so far. I'm sick of it. I have super-senioritis, let me explain. I've been working all summer with people older than me, not younger, so the freshman and underclassmen in general seem obscenely young and immature. I've learned lessons being in the "real world" professors seem to have failed to teach me. Yet I've learned so much in school I may never work with. I am spending my day PAYING for school instead of getting PAID to work. =Losing money, not making money. Tough situation. So when I sit through an hour class of learning what my classmates did this summer and that if there's a fire, leave the room, I know I could be doing more productive things with my time. If I hear "didn't you graduate?" one more time, I might lose it more than I already have. No, I did not graduate. That's why I'm here taking a required undergrad class with you, moron. I can't take class seriously when all I picture is walking the stage in my cap and gown. The next 11 weeks CAN NOT GO FAST ENOUGH. ugh.

To get my mind off things, I should talk about another topic. I am pretty frustrated today. Not to mention a deadline I was just given at work that severely complicates getting things done. Working half days cuts my time in half. A two week project just got pushed back to 4 weeks because I'm only working half the time. Theoretically, I could do work from home but when a GOOD portion of my time is spent in the factory, that just isn't possible.

Okay, so the topic of my deceased grandmother. I picked some items I wanted from her house and now that the entire family has gotten their chances to look, my mom is bringing some stuff home for me. I'll tell you about the rest at another time, but I want to talk about a ring I got. I like jewelry, that's why I choose some of her jewelry. This particular ring is black Alaskan diamond, with a silver band. I've now worn it all weekend and have received compliments from many people. It's not just a ring. It has a story. I wish I could hear the story from my grandma about the ring, but the reminder is enough. Whether it was a gift she received and didn't even like, or something she wore on special occasions, I like it. I have a feeling it may be worth about $50. The sentimental value is something that will last much longer than $50 in my pocket.

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