Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've had my share of happy news since last winter and it all came together this week. I can finally talk about it. My first internship as an Industrial Engineer was last summer at ABB as I'm sure most of you are familiar. It was a great growing experience and I fell in love with the company and my job. This past February, I reconnected with my boss and coworkers and was invited back to work there. My internship was through a contract agency as well as when I went back to work this year. I got a couple dollar raise when I started back which I was more than thrilled about. After a couple months and some internal changes, I got the news that I was no longer an intern and I would get yet another large raise. As the summer progressed, and I've been counting the days til I graduate, my future career became more of a worry. I love my job, yet being contracted was not how I envisioned my future, so when other companies began to reach out to me asking for interviews, it was a tough decision whether I was going to pursue a job with a different company or keep my fingers crossed ABB would offer me something. Early August I received another piece of news that they were opening up an Industrial Engineering position through ABB. (In other words, my job.) I applied right away and in all fairness, my boss went through the interview process with other candidates. Although I was very sure the position was mine, nothing is ever certain until all is said and done. Well, this past Friday I was offered the job. Not only did they offer me the job but at the salary I asked for. :-O There was no thinking, I've thought about this enough that I accepted the job immediately. I was shaking so much on the way back to my desk, I'm surprised I made it. Months of questioning, hoping, and praying was answered. I HAVE A JOB! I graduate in 68 days. It's all working out so perfect and who am I to deserve it? Thank God! WOOHOOO

I am past my ears in debt from a private school that has given me a great education. I am blessed enough to have a better than average job before graduation to pay off my nice loans.

    Psalm 107:1
    "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

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