Tuesday, July 31, 2012

108 DAYs

I'm alive. I have no internet or cable at my house. I can't blog at work. I can't blog at school. I've tried blogging in my sleep. August 10th I will be back. Thanks everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Apple's Drama

If you haven't heard about the most recent Apple controversy, I highly recommend reading the article posted above. Let's discuss.

So, I'll highlight the article for those of you who did not read it. Apple resigned from the current certification they have with EPEAT due to new product designs. As the article explains, the new design that contrasts with EPEAT's standards is the retina display that requires batteries to be glued to aluminum. Honestly, we should have all see this coming with the uprising of higher pixel density for electronics.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Who hasn't heard that before? Well, with the 'green' craze that swept our nation in the past decade, we went hard fast. We wasted no time eliminating what we believed to be harmful to the environment.

I digressed slightly, but back to Apple. In comparison to other electronic companies, they don't rank the best in sustainability. Is this the cost of having such advanced technology? This might be the first time I have seen a problem with one of my favorite companies. As an Industrial Engineer, I look at systems daily. My brain has been wired from childhood to find errors in systems and fix them. With this being said, I find it very hard to believe the work being done by Apple is the only way to do it and that no other way exists. You could ask a million why questions, but I'm assuming people from Apple have looked into those options.

What does this mean for Apple? With their desktop and laptop products no longer having this certification, will they lose sales because U.S. law regulates how many purchases can be made that aren't EPEAT certified? Or will they make up those sales with iPhone 5 sales? :-D ;) ;)

I think with a little continuous improvement, Apple will have this slip-up fixed in no time.

I still love you Apple.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hott Hott Heat

I desire this time of the year more than most other things. I can complain about the heat and humidity as much as a dog panting after a long walk, but I truly love it. I think you know enough of my emotions on how I feel about weather so I might as well discuss other things frantically bouncing through my head.

Work is huge for me. I'm career oriented. I'm determined. I'm a "busy-body". These are all words I've spent hours determining (haha) I am. I can say over and over I love my job but I always ask myself why. In large, I convince myself of that. If you tell yourself you like/love your job, it's way easier convincing yourself you really do even if every day is hectic. My job makes me happy because people depend on me. To me, the things I do are simple, but many others can't/wouldn't do it. It is stable enough to be consistent but every day has new obstacles. I also believe this subject is like beating a dead bush because I can only discuss my work happiness so much. I'm already craving the next step. I'm ahead of where I even thought I would be at this point in my life and I find my selfishness wanting more.

My need for more is quite simple. I've seen and done so much already in my life that I want to continue that upward progression**:). Having feelings and adrenaline doing such extreme things makes daily life quite boring at times. That's why I'm always searching for the next exciting adventure to do.    I will be forever chasing that feeling. I'm glad adventures give it to me rather than other things of this world.

Relationships never fail to befuddle me. I can solve a complex math equation but can't figure out relationships. If only I could turn it into an equation. At least I know I'm not alone. Haha. But its a struggling battle for me.

I was recently asked if I see emotions as colors and that totally hit the spot for me. I do! My paintings completely reflect that. It's an easy way to express my feelings. A simple color. It just makes sense.

Onto my next battle. This week has tremendously added stress to my life. Why? Summer in Milwaukee. I love people. I hate stupid people. This is such a mean thing to say. I'm stupid sometimes. I live within spitting distance of Summerfest, the largest music festival IN THE WORLD. Something I should be so happy to have at my disposal, yet these 11 days make me cringe. Roads I travel every day are blocked by gobs and gobs of tourists. Traffic is ridiculous. Drunk people are everywhere. It really is not appealing to me. Milwaukee should pay me to deal with this crap.  Then you have the fourth of July and all the other fests and rush hour. It's just really annoying and probably even more so this year because I have responsibilities and can't be out enjoying myself every day/night. I will be happy when it's over except the weather changes as the people do.

Well this has been a nice rant. Thanks for your attention.