Thursday, April 26, 2012

High Risk, High Reward

I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm worn out. I pack my life with events because that's how I like it. I think I have high anxiety. Waiting is going to make me have a heart attack someday. I have a harder time waiting than I would making a speech to a million people.

I love my job. Going to work every day is refreshing. I don't mind the commute and sitting in rush hour traffic. It's my time to think even thought I'm still DOING. I like accomplishing things, being productive, making a difference.

School is hard. I have ultimate senioritis. I feel like I've passed the peak of my education. Who knows what will be useful in the future is what keeps me interested. I have 7 months until I'm done with school. The sad thing is I'll probably go on for higher education. HA! ugh.

I want warm weather. This high of 50 crap is not helping my stress. I tan for the pure pleasure of warmth, although I know the horrible effects. I bask in my car when it has been in the sun and super hot inside. Although that hasn't really happened yet this year. I still sleep with my heated blanket on not because it's THAT cold, but I just want to be that much warmer.

I've been on a big art kick lately. Drawing/painting, being crafty, whatever. Not sure why, but I'll go with it.

I want a new car. I got into my first..."accident". Kind of not really. Some guy didn't use his blinker or check his blind spot and cut me off. My drivers side blinker cover was destroyed and the fender was bent a bit. Annoying.

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