Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Your anger motivates me. It encourages me and invokes thoughtful conversations and intelligent research. It opens my eyes. Okay, I don't REALLY like anger, so what am I talking about?! I read a VERY interesting article and I, as a writer, want to share my thoughts. I'd advise you read How to Disagree before continuing so you can somewhat similarly share my train of thought.

Three years ago my brother and I wrote a book, What Gen Y Wants You to Know, in which we addressed many aspects about our generation. One heavily visited topic was the internet. I quote from the mouth of my brother, "...it's easy to say things online that you would never say to someone face to face." I thought was interesting because the article I just read literally said this same thing. If you haven't/don't want to read the article, the author addressed that we have transitioned into the age of online thinking in which writers no longer just write, and people read, but writers write and readers become involved in the topic. Asking questions, posing arguments, sharing deeper thoughts, and aspects. First, I completely agree. Each time I post a blog article, I share it on Facebook and within days/hours my friends "like" my link or share their comments. I wasn't writing to get feedback, but what did I expect? Anything less? Probably not.

The author of "How to Disagree" then goes into sorting and classifying types of disagreement. They are somewhat funny connections, but I'm not all that into it. I think that there is a large part of the population that makes snide, unintellectual responses to many topics, but many people can make good arguments as well.

I guess I just always find it interesting learning how society and the world changes with time. In a way that makes me interested in history. I hope you find this post interesting as well and are encouraged to leave your opinions :)

I'll talk more later.

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