Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As part of undergraduate education, it is stressed over and over that you need to be able to market yourself to potential employers. At the beginning of college I thought this was awesome. Finally a time I got to talk about me and why I was the best. After seriously thinking about why I was the best for the job and all that hubbub, I began to realize the difficulty in doing that. You are bragging, yet you can't sound like you're bragging, you have to be enthusiastic, but not psychotic, you can't leave out important deal breakers, but too much detail is overwhelming. It is seriously an intricate art to perfect being able to "sell yourself".

Here I am, in my fourth year of college, and soon enough all these skills I've been taught will be more important than ever before. I've been able to open my eyes to numerous settings with all sorts of different kinds of people, it's crazy to think sometimes I'm still so young and there's so much I DON'T know...

I'm still trying to figure myself out, but part of me thinks that's one of my best attributes. The fact that I am constantly trying to learn more about me and my emotions. How do I react and why? How do I want to act given my morals and ethics? I think writing the past 15 years of my life has helped me IMMENSELY to be able to express myself appropriately.

Okay, so I've spent a considerable amount of time during the past four years deciding and figuring out what makes me the best person for the job and why an employer should hire me above my colleagues. Of course there are the cookie cutter answers that anyone could say to pretend and make it seem like they are, which is why I have tried finding words and descriptions above and beyond the norm.

I learn fast. New situations and new processes, I believe I pick up pretty quickly. For example, we are getting a new computer system at the bookstore which is going to require printing new labels for a lot of merchandise in the campus bookstore. My boss had to show me how to print the labels, which was on the upwards of 20 steps to complete from start to finish. These steps include clicking the right button/option, inputting the correct data, choosing from options, etc. He showed me once and then let me try with the expectation he would be standing over my shoulder with me asking questions every step or two. Well, he was called out of the office and I was left alone. By the time he returned a few short minutes later I had about 5 items with 30-50 tickets each printed and ready. He was stunned that I needed no help and had picked up the process after one example. This has been happening throughout my life, I've noticed. This doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination I'm perfect and everything comes easy for me, because it certainly doesn't. I ask questions when I need to.

Okay, moving on. I am personable. I haven't figured out what it is about me, but I often feel like people just come to me. All sorts of people. Picking up a conversation with a stranger has never been that hard for me and people like talking to me. I listen, I don't give advice, I give my experiences. To me, experience is more powerful than advice. What good is advice if it is not backed with anything? People often say I'm nice to talk to because of my smile. Thanks to my parents spending thousands of dollars on my teeth and me suffering through years of braces and retainers, maybe that has something to do with it? Hahaha. My smile is genuine. I don't see myself when I'm smiling but maybe it's an inviting signal? A sign that I'm relatively laid back and passionate at whatever I might be smiling about. It's my way of expressing accomplishment and excitement.

I haven't figured out how to appropriately tell this next attribute to employers (which is why I usually leave it out), but I think it's important in why I'm a good employee. I know how to have fun. I think that it is SO important to enjoy your work. If you're not happy, forget any sort of production. I haven't loved every job I've ever done, but I've learned how to make it enjoyable. I also know how to have fun outside of work which is important to have a balanced life. Thinking too much about work is stressful. I'm not saying work should be limited to 40 hours a week, but 168 hours is excessive. Anyways, having fun, laughing, and being happy is very important to me.

Okay, I've had enough of talking about me for one day considering I just applied to a bunch of jobs, edited my resume a thousand times, and updated a few of my online career profiles. Needless to say, I am Berea'd out for today. =)

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  1. I liked your post. Very good. I expecially like the last line, maybe because it was bad English--therefore unique!