Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Many websites are protesting the SOPA/PIPA bills congress is currently trying to pass. It's 2am and I'm trying to work on a report while being stopped from doing so because of the protests occurring. Yes, it's 2am and I might be a tad delusional, but could you imagine running into this problem every time you attempted writing a report? Sure, a short while ago the internet was not considered a reliable source for kids to use on reports, but recently it has become the ONLY source to use for educational purposes. Why have we been so strictly taught to site our sources if this is what it's coming down to??

The very content you are reading now could vanish if the piracy act is passed. I'm not a politician or knowledgeable enough to understand the detailed consequences of the passing of such bill, but it would hurt a lot of people, companies, and certainly jobs. Is that what America needs right now? We have bigger issues to be focused on most certainly.
Should I really be worried that the content I post on my blog is a copyright infringement?

Okay. This is an inside job. SOMEONE is benefiting from this torture...

Can you honestly say that it is a crime to produce free information?! When you hear that nothing is free, honestly America, nothing is free?!?!

As a generation Y baby, I am completely offended that my point of view will not be understood by congressmen. Generations preceding ours do not understand technology or the internet quite like we do. Most were not raised with it, we were. I'm sorry if this offends you, it's not meant to. We were just raised in a different time and place.

Copyrights are a fine line. Why make it more fine?

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  1. good. I can't understand how they can want to eliminate freedom of speech. I could see where they could say they don't want mean things being said, but that could come under a bullying law.