Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's been forever and a year since I've talked to you, world. My apologies.

The title comes from a great song by "Chumbawamba", which became famous in the late '90s. It's my go-to song when I'm in a bad mood, sad, on rainy days, etc. The song can be annoying to some, but for some reason, hearing the repetitive lyrics totally hit the right spot for me. "I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN, YOU'RE NEVER GONNA KEEP ME DOWN!" It's my reminder to stay strong, to think outside the moment.

Deep breath. It's winter break. YAYYY! For some reason, winter break has radically changed for me since I was a kid. I think it's hitting me that this isn't real life. I'm not going to get a 2+ week break for Christmas the rest of my life probably. (Unless I work for a company that shuts down between Christmas-New Years. Ha)

My dear friend and roommate completely moved out this past weekend. I now have 2 other roommates. It's a long/complicated situation, but the atmosphere is different. This isn't the same house I moved into 3-4 months ago. Not saying that as a good or bad thing quite yet, it's just a change, and humans are compelled to not LOVE change. We are redecorating, buying new stuff, compromising for old stuff, cleaning out, yadda yadda. I have to say it makes me desperately sad to not come home to 2 fur-balls (cats) greeting me at the door.

Which brings me to a new topic. A long, thought out plan has led me to the decision to buy a cat, a companion. Cats are therapeutic. Most pets are in fact. I need that one consistent thing in my life to bring me a smile daily. I want a moving/living thing to depend on me for its health and comfort. (NOT A KID)...yet. Dogs require training, walking, taking outside, etc. Cats are relatively easily self-cared for. As long as they know how to use a litter box and purr, it sounds like a great deal to me. I've received the question if I will be able to care for it. I truly believe with how bad I want one, I'll be able to give it a happy and spoiled home. I went with my roommate to the humane society tonight, but only looked at 2 cats and left with none. The humane society is a busy place. They don't want to waste time having you play with each cat, so we were basically allowed to look at 2. I liked them both, but wasn't in love. I felt rushed, so I knew that leaving empty handed was just fine. Adoption is no long process now a days. The worker said that most cats are adopted within 3-5 days of arriving at the shelter and you must come prepared to take one home with you. With Christmas around the corner and Squeaky waiting at my parents for me, it was another reason to wait on adoption. In a few weeks I assure you, I'll have a cat. :)

I am now patiently waiting the holidays with my family and close friends. Great company, good food, and traditions. Growing up not only brings a reminder of past memories but a thought of the future to come.

So, this is the 4th day before Christmas. We are nearly to the "Christ Candle" on the advent wreath. So, for the 20th day of December:

"You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with all your soul (your life), with all your mind, and with all your strength." (Deuteronomy 6:4)

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