Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's All Relative

Have you ever had that conversation with someone about something being purple or blue and you argue against each other even though you're looking at the same object and neither of you are color blind? Why do kids paint pictures with purple elephants?

We all see things differently. My friend might like a stupid pattern of wallpaper and I love it. It's just different opinions. So many times in life, there are not right or wrong answers. There are things that are good and bad, but there are better and worse things too. It's all relative. Every person sees and understands things differently, there's really no one to judge right and wrong.

Everything is in relation to what a person knows or has seen and everybody has seen and knows different things.

My perception of 15 feet might be different than yours and different from what is actually 15 feet. In that case, there is a right answer, but no one can be to blame without measuring.

That's why my family has a hard time with the phrase "I told you so". Whatever "I told you so", was probably a guess and you knew no better than the other person that you were right. It was just a better guess. It's all relative to what you think.

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