Wednesday, September 14, 2011


According to wikipedia, a test is an assessment intended to measure the respondents' knowledge or other abilities.

I hate getting into politics. I hate having a point of view because I'm often indifferent or see both sides. BUT, there's one topic I have a strong opinion on. American education.

This is controversial. You won't all agree with me. You might get offended, and I apologize.

I've struggled with school my whole life. I've been told I don't study enough, I don't try hard enough, and it's made me feel like a dumb student. It makes me not want to try or study even though I do. Testing me doesn't help me learn. It criticizes me, belittles me, makes me anxious, and nervous. I'm not dumb, but tests make me feel dumb. I'm a bad test taker but I'm an amazing realist. I'm creative and testing just makes me feel standardized. I believe my learning has been inhibited because of the American education system. In the real world, you don't sit down every day/week and get tested on your work. Not with a written form asking questions if you're doing your job right. It's dumb and I hate it.
I hate also being segregated into grades. You don't even have anything in common with your classmates except your age. Why not divide into levels? People of similar learning styles and smartness are grouped.
I hate the un-reality of school. High school mostly. Why are we sheltered from the real world? Why are tank tops not allowed? How come I was never exposed to the types of careers out there? Why did I never learn how to take out a college loan or set up a retirement fund? There was such a strict guideline of learning. I'm not like the majority of kids, so I don't learn the same. I feel like college was such a change/shock for me. It was dumb. I was unprepared. I blame high school for ill-preparing me.

I don't necessarily believe in homeschooling. Just because it cuts out the social aspect of school. Home schooled kids interact, but not like kids at school. Parents might want to shelter their kids from school type behavior, but that's dumb too, because sheltering your kid is dumb.

I don't know much, but Montessori school is the best idea of school in America, I believe. Research it if you're not familiar. It's independent, hands-on, fun.

I'm just writing because I've been jipped in school. I think I could be smarter if I would have been given the correct chance or been taught "right". I'm a good people person. I've excelled in every job I've had. I learn fast. I have fun in my jobs.

School just isn't for me, but will pay off in the end I believe.

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  1. great post! When I was in High School math & science were grouped by ability. I have thought for years that school should be like that. Montessori is at the preschool level. I do not know if it continues to do that in the upper grades since I have not worked with those much. I also like how you inducated that students should learn about loans & interest add to that buying a house--this varies with the economy & marketrs as to the value. Many schools do not teach banking either. I agree we need to teach life skills in school because too many people are not teaching these at home!! Again great post!