Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh The Irony

...I love school?

Well, no. I love learning....about things I like and am interested in.

I started my senior year of college this week. I'm growing up. I'm grown up? People are teaching me new things every day whether they realize it or not. On top of being pounded with information in my classes, which are;
Digital Circuits and Microprocessors
Ethics for Engineers
Design for Quality
Senior Design
Electromagnetism and Optics

I love my new apartment. It's a loft type place by the third ward. It's pretty. I like my roommates, finally. I went grocery shopping this week so I finally have food in the fridge and places for my things.

I miss my internship, but I have to be positive about opportunities I'll have this school year. I received my senior design project this morning. That's exciting. I'll miss the income I was making this summer. But honestly, my education is more important than money, it will work itself out.

Sorry I haven't been very up to date with my blogging. Summer is meant to be spent in nice weather enjoying your free time. So any free time I had, wasn't spent on my computer. Hopefully I'll have some more time to blog now that it's getting cold?

My best friend Alyssa got a job this past week in her career path. She graduated with an associates degree in dental assisting and finally got a job about 6-9 months later. Yayyy.

My plans to go skydiving this weekend I think have been put off. I haven't talked to my brother recently sooooo I don't think that is happening :-\. I'm bummed, but I really haven't had time to plan....I'll blame growing up.

I talked to the freshman class of Industrial Engineers this morning. It's crazy remembering being in their seat and how much I've seriously learned since then, it's crazy. I'd love to be a mentor of what I've learned and my experiences. But it was great answering questions.

First week of school, check.

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