Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ovals and Triangles

My life has begun a new rotation of scheduled activities and routine as with most starts of school years and as I've discussed before. The trains outside my house are the worst from 6am-9am. My window faces east and my bed rests in perfect view which invites the sun to welcome me to each and every day. The cats accompany me during my getting ready phase. I drive through a miniature rush hour through downtown to campus. I plan and schedule constantly making sure all events are carefully scheduled in my planner for the upcoming days/weeks. I think about my "to do's". Today they happen to be; finding lighting for my room that will probably be a trip to goodwill, getting my nails fixed (I broke one and it hurts), working out, and finding new sunglasses (I stepped on mine). I'm going about this day figuring out when/how to accomplish those tasks.

Do I need to go grocery shopping? Do I have at home what I want for lunch? What homework do I need to do?

I didn't even have coffee this morning and listen to me...

I watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central the other night. Honestly, I got bored and stopped paying attention. Many of the jokes were crude or I didn't understand them. I then watched Two and a Half Men because of the whole issue of Ashton Kutcher taking over the lead role of Charlie Sheen. It shouldn't have been made such a big deal. I watched the TV show E.R. my whole childhood as a result of it being my moms favorite show. But anyways, actors/actresses come and go. It keeps you interested.

I'm hungry.

Thanks for reading-stay posted

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