Monday, August 8, 2011


Crazy past week.

So, last Wednesday was my 21st birthday as most of you know. Therefore, the past 5 days have been in celebration of my 21 years of life. I celebrated my first legal drink at Midnight on Tuesday, took my first day off all summer on Wednesday and went to the zoo with my boyfriend. Wednesday night I went for cocktails with a couple friends. After sticker shock of my $15 drinks, we were on our way out of the restaurant when a group of middle-aged people next to us heard it was my birthday. They invited us to join and after them buying us a round of drinks we found out they were on business trips and we were being taken care of by their companies. :-o Yeah, I've heard of these things happening, but to be in the midst of it was a little uneasy. These 6 people throwing around their companies money on my 21st birthday....not exactly what I have in mind for my business trip this week. SPEAKING OF....

I leave for Ohio in the morning on behalf of ABB to go on my first business trip. :-D Not being able to take a vacation this summer makes me extremely happy to even be able to get out of the state. I am beyond happy that I have been given this opportunity as an intern. So, I'm moving an entire production work center to this Ohio plant. Raw materials, hardware, tools, equipment. This is taking all of the classes I've been in so far and applying it. I'm leading this move, it's awesome. I'm setting up meetings and delegating tasks. Creating layouts and doing autoCAD drawings. Fixing bill of materials and pushing deadlines. Anyways, I'm going to Ohio to see where I'm moving, to meet people I need to be in contact with, figure out logistics and technicalities of this move that I want to happen by the end of the month. I really hope I can accomplish that for the company.
It's quite accurate to say I want to work for ABB post graduation. There are so many opportunities and I think they've given me a better internship than most of my fellow classmates.

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