Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm a total optimist. I go through challenges and life looking towards the good. Believing happiness is key to a successful life. My smile gets me through road blocks. My faith and morals allow me to get to that happy place. I'm not oblivious to the negatives or think that life is filled with rose pedals, because nothing is perfect, I accepted that YEARS ago.

I thrive on being needed. As simple as my cat following me around the house or someone needing information I know. I love attention and learned that in high school. Being on the dance team was the best experience ever. Being on a team of about 15 girls and having hundreds of people watch you is the kind of adrenaline I love. I'm going skydiving in a couple weekends which proves my want for adrenaline. I love that such simple things satisfy my wants. I don't need drugs and alcohol to give me a good time. I need people and experiences.

I organize. I love organization. I would love to organize all the time. I like having places for everything and labels. I like simplifying things so that people understand and making life easier.

I'm not sure what inspired this blog or where I'm headed. Just talking, thinking.

I am a planner. I've been let down by many plans. I like to see things happen. If I want to do something, I'm overly determined to do it. My parents gave me the impression I could do anything I wanted when I was little, so it's hard to get defeated. To all of you who doubted me as an engineer I have about a year left of school and am loving it.

I like doing things many other people haven't. I was in the world trade center less than 3 months before 9/11, I helped the winter after Katrina in New Orleans with the devastation, I took 2 mission trips to Mexico that let me see poverty first hand, I've been in the Niagara Falls, I've camped above treeline, got altitude sickness, and climbed the tallest mountain in Colorado when I was 13. I've been lost in the NYC Bronx, and been in slot canyons. I was on an Indian reservation that had bald eagles in cages and been on the field where Gettysburg was fought. I've been in the crown of the Statue of Liberty and in a jail cell on Ellis Island (for touristic purposes). For the sake of being done talking about myself, I thank my parents for these opportunities.

I also enjoy helping people. Going on mission trips is fun. Getting my hands dirty and proving I can help is fun. Making cement, using a sledge hammer, mountain biking, you name it.

My point is, I don't want it to end. My internship this summer has been another series of events I'll talk about for years to come.

Thanks everyone!

Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I like routine, I hate routine. I like stability but I like adrenaline. I'm a happy camper.
Repetitiveness gets boring and I can't handle being bored. I'm not a boring person. Uncertainty put's me on the edge of my seat, but I look past the issue. I try. I know I'll get through hard issues or decisions so why freak out about it?

My routine's about to change. My summer classes are done this Wednesday. My internship is coming to an end. In a month I'll be in a new routine of classes and working at the bookstore. Not to mention a new place to live. In about a year my routine will drastically change again as I graduate college. It's fun.

I adjust well to change.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have a contemporary issue paper due this week and I just wanted to see what you guys think.


Since the rise of technology, American Government has been faced with the problem of dealing with an issue they had never encountered before. When computers and cellular devices were introduced into society, immediate threats were overlooked and they were seen as an enhancement for daily life. It was evident that these devices would evolve and people would find loopholes to using them unsafely. Social media opened the door for predators, vehicles advanced each year, and cell phones grew to be like a third arm for nearly all Americans. Decades ago, the daily scene we live in of built in GPS systems, touch screen phones, and satellite radios were barely imagined. This fantasy seems picture perfect until you hear that in 2009, 995 people died in car accidents with a cell phone being the distracting factor. This doesn’t even include people injured for the same reason.

Here we are in the 21st century, not thinking twice about answering a call from an important person while driving to work. Individual states have relied on their supreme courts to decide whether talking on the phone while driving is constitutional. Some say yes, some say no, some have not made a decision because the Constitution does not mention technology in the context we use it today. I think that shows a reason for change. Our government did not start with the kind of technology and resources we have today. We want everything done right away and with cell phones and computers; we do not have to wait for answers. A one minute phone call can provide the update we need, regardless if the other person is distracted from driving. My question remains why the federal Supreme Court has not stepped up to providing a law to govern driving while being distracted on your cell phone. I drive to Illinois to go shopping and the law changes for cell phone use while driving. I drive to Minnesota to visit my grandparents and am unaware of Minnesota state law. As a driver, I am responsible for knowing the laws, but it would be simpler to have a precedent.

Learning about different types of law in class gave me an insight of what could be done about the issue of cell phones and driving. The least that could be done is set an administrative law to protect non cell phone distracted drivers from those being distracted by mobile devices. It is evident through research the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has done, that these communication devices can be life threatening. So what is stopping the federal government from making a decision?

Although technology has become a large scale topic in recent years, technology is moving faster than our government can keep up. In America, we have a great system of checks and balances so intricate that we hope to prevent bad decisions from being made. Of course you cannot make everyone happy, but the system of checks and balances at least tries to make the right decisions. The branches of government look into all aspects to eliminate harmful or unsafe resolutions. The problem with this system is time. As I mentioned before, we are a nation that gets answers nearly immediately and our government system does not allow for immediate answers. It is something we are all accustom to, but should it be changed? I wish there was an easy answer for this, but just as much people hate waiting, people hate change.

Using cell phones while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving, yet the difference between the two is that there is a national restriction on drunk driving and cell phone use remains legal in a number of states. During my 5 o’clock drive home from work each night, the number of fellow drivers talking on their phones is out of control. I fear for my life knowing my safety is basically out of my control when it should be in control. Our nation needs to resolve this issue and fast.


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Monday, August 8, 2011


Crazy past week.

So, last Wednesday was my 21st birthday as most of you know. Therefore, the past 5 days have been in celebration of my 21 years of life. I celebrated my first legal drink at Midnight on Tuesday, took my first day off all summer on Wednesday and went to the zoo with my boyfriend. Wednesday night I went for cocktails with a couple friends. After sticker shock of my $15 drinks, we were on our way out of the restaurant when a group of middle-aged people next to us heard it was my birthday. They invited us to join and after them buying us a round of drinks we found out they were on business trips and we were being taken care of by their companies. :-o Yeah, I've heard of these things happening, but to be in the midst of it was a little uneasy. These 6 people throwing around their companies money on my 21st birthday....not exactly what I have in mind for my business trip this week. SPEAKING OF....

I leave for Ohio in the morning on behalf of ABB to go on my first business trip. :-D Not being able to take a vacation this summer makes me extremely happy to even be able to get out of the state. I am beyond happy that I have been given this opportunity as an intern. So, I'm moving an entire production work center to this Ohio plant. Raw materials, hardware, tools, equipment. This is taking all of the classes I've been in so far and applying it. I'm leading this move, it's awesome. I'm setting up meetings and delegating tasks. Creating layouts and doing autoCAD drawings. Fixing bill of materials and pushing deadlines. Anyways, I'm going to Ohio to see where I'm moving, to meet people I need to be in contact with, figure out logistics and technicalities of this move that I want to happen by the end of the month. I really hope I can accomplish that for the company.
It's quite accurate to say I want to work for ABB post graduation. There are so many opportunities and I think they've given me a better internship than most of my fellow classmates.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Eighth month of the year. A 2008 movie. National back to school month. National goat cheese month. My Birthday month.

Known for the ugly limeish green peridot “birth” stone. Signals the last month and end of summer. Brings hot weather in the northern hemisphere. Hawaii became in the 50th state in August of 1959. Switzerland’s day of independence is August 1st.

August is the one month I spend 11 other months waiting for. Will that change after this year? For years I’ve tried acting older than my age, ask my parents. I couldn’t wait to turn 16 and be completely free to drive alone. Then turning 18 was even more awaited because I could vote in 2008. So many things require you to be 18 to sign your life away, be called an “adult”, sign up for contests on your own, test drive new cars, buy stuff online. After being 18, it still wasn’t good enough, I wanted to be 21. Well, here I am three days to my 21st birthday and inside I’m screaming like a little kid being dragged to the dentist. I am literally the last of my core friends to be of legal drinking age. Hearing each one of them turn 21 and 22 and 23 and so on saying they wish they were my age again. Yeah right I thought….Everyone says there are no special birthdays to really look forward to after this one. Wednesday, August third will NOT last long enough.

August 3rd:

The 215th day of the year. Calvin Coolidge became the 30th president after Harding died on the 2nd. Adolf Hitler became supreme leader of Germany on August 3rd 1934. August 3, 2004 was the first time the statue of liberty opened since the 9-11 world trade center attacks. Simply 24 hours out of 8,760 a year is mine.

I’ve already gotten 2 birthday presents. My parents bought me my first new bed since the one I had was since I was out of the crib. The other present is; I’m going to Ohio for work next week, which I call my birthday present from ABB, even though that’s not the real reason.

I took off work Wednesday. It’s the first and only day I’ve asked off from work this whole summer. I think my 21st birthday is an excused absence. I hope to go to the zoo with my boyfriend. And maybe order a bloody mary for lunch? I’m spending the weekend with friends, friends I haven’t given any attention to this summer.

August signals the last few weeks I will be interning this summer. :’( Endings are hard. Especially since I’m just going back to school, not like I’m getting some great opportunity elsewhere. I’m rushing to finish my projects so I can feel accomplished and prove I helped the company this summer. Otherwise, I am organizing my work so that it can be easily passed on. I have sooooo much to say about my experience which will be in a different post when I absolutely have to be thinking about “the end”.

SO. The point of this was to grasp the concept of another year. A date I’ve looked forward to since high school. Wednesday, August 3, 2011. I thought would never come and here it is. Way to take things for granted Berea, you got what you wanted.

Eph 5:16 Make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days.