Friday, July 1, 2011



What gives you satisfaction? What makes you content?

Unlimited amounts of cheese variety at the grocery store? No traffic? An open register at the store? Fresh cleaned sheets? No homework? Nice weather? No plans? Or having plans? A meal you don't over-indulge in? Getting pampered? A blue sky? Money?

Have you ever thought about it?

What makes you not content? What makes you crabby or frustrated? Not having a selection of cheese at the store? Waiting in line? Being sweaty? Having homework? Not getting an expected call? Not having money?

Have you ever used the excuse "I had a bad day, this is the last thing I wanted?" Was that person supposed to know you had a bad day or what to do to make it better?

Deep breath.

It's Friday. Summerfest is at full force here in Milwaukee. We wait all year for the Summerfest grounds to be buzzing with all sorts of people, music, and festivities, yet when it's here I find myself annoyed and somewhat bothered of the immature tourists. I've gone to Summerfest the past 5 years I'd say, but this year has me somewhat turned off. I work during the week and don't feel like staying out that late to see a band I somewhat like, spending $15 for a few hours, dealing with drunks, etc. I'm still going to go this weekend most likely because I live so close and it's something that is so widely talked about.

How do you define bragging? What's the difference between showing off and sharing excitement? I think showing off and bragging is when you talk about something over and over to everyone around you. Excitement is telling your friends and family who care about you. Bragging is showing off to someone who couldn't accomplish what you did. Purposely or unintentionally hurting someones feelings because of something they couldn't do or get. Think. Just think. Look at it from their eyes. Harder than it sounds huh?

Happy Friday everyone have a fun/safe long weekend!

The shadows in the window give me a fake impression you're here. You only come with the sun and leave as it falls. My impatience lingers but it's only for the moment. The sounds are not noises, they're music.

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