Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You did WHAT Berea?

Holy long day...I was up around 4:30 this morning. Had a test in my class tonight. I'm pooped.
To understand why I was up at 4:30, you need to understand a few other things first.

So my internship is still going great. But I haven't really had a chance to explain what I do. I never thought I'd get to the same point as my brother that I'm not sure I could explain what I do well enough for the average person to understand what that is. Either that or I'd oversimplify and make my job sound super easy, which I'd like to think not everyone could do. SO...
My daily activities include dealing with SAP, Kanban, BOM's, product schematics, adding routings for new products, hearing PEARL every two minutes, learning the ins and outs of NOV, learning about transformers, breakers, starters, fuses, contactors, calculating resources, and presenting efficiency metrics at a daily production meeting. After hearing this, what do you understand/what don't you understand? My fellow colleagues know or could figure out most of it. My coworkers probably know it all. My parents maybe know a couple things on the list. The point is; that's what I do.
So now to explain why I was up at 4:30 this morning. I've been working on a project. We call it the NOV project. NOV is the name of the product my project revolves around. Anyways, for my project, one task I needed to complete was to make a resource calculator. This uses all sorts of data (demand, production times, quality checks, packaging, takt time, etc.) to produce a number that tells how many people should be working on producing that product based on demand. Well, NOV is an 8' x 5' product that takes one person about 8 hours to make. So I've been learning EVERYTHING about NOV. In making the resource calculator I've been timing exactly how long it takes to make one and do quality checks and package this thing. So I needed this info by Thursday because my boss is doing a presentation with the info from research. SO, I had to be at ABB by 6:00, which is about the time I figured I'd need to start timing the worker. Well, traffic was a piece of cake at 5-5:30am so I got there a little early. The good thing was that I was done by 3 and had a couple hours to study for my test tonight...

Whew. I had an energy drink so that I wouldn't fall asleep before my test so I'm not as tired now as I should be. And I forgot to make dinner along the way and am going to bed soon..

Can't wait to have this weekend off <3 :)

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