Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scatterbrained and Satisfied

40 hour weeks are amazing. I get SO much done. So much.

I got my computer set up at work today. This is a big deal because everything these days is done on the computer and I had been using coworkers computers which has been annoying and inefficient. Anyways, I got my laptop, docking station, and I think a 24" extra monitor screen. It's amazing. It's mine. (Relatively speaking). Along with a computer came an e-mail address. So I officially have an ABB e-mail. Kind of exciting, and a little scary. It's weird having a work phone, computer, e-mail, because they are strictly for work and although it'd be nice to show off, I don't want the whole world exposed to my work stuff obviously.

I worked on my project more today at work. I should be done with all the prelim stuff tomorrow. Then to decide how to move forward. Exciting non the less! :)

I sat in traffic too long today. It's a little frustrating to be jerking back and forth in your car as you accelerate and brake with traffic. I've been in the habit of beginning every day with a Hazelnut iced coffee from McDonalds for under $2. They're so good and give me caffeine to wake up at 7am. But, it's money that doesn't NEED to be spent :-\. I need to get espresso beans to start making lattes here at home. Maybe make a big batch and keep it cool? Aka iced coffee? I should...

So my dad had a question about the capabilities of a problem being solved in Excel. I was kind of excited because I've done so much school work with Excel, but his was a legit question. Well it took me all of 20-30 minutes to figure out. :)

Spent the past hour or 2 customizing colors on a bike for my brother. Excited to see what he chooses...

I know I've had a productive day when I find time to blog because it's not something I have to do, but like doing when I have time. Hobby?

Alright, I'm going to spend the next hour reading ads and reading ahead for Business Law...
Night world

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