Friday, June 3, 2011

Interning into something beautiful

I can now say I've made it through my first week as an intern. YAY me! It's honestly awesome, I sometimes have a hard time finding a place to begin. I love the professional atmosphere. Being a part of a mature staff, it's weird being at the bottom of the totem pole, in the office at least. I don't mind it because I'm learning so much, and that's really a good thing. It's also exciting being able to offer my advice and input as an intern and applying what I'm learning in school. Okay, it's only the first week, but I've already gotten my feet wet.
I've met sooo many people. I find it weird meeting someone and them being introduced with their job title. Why is this weird to me? Because as a college student, when I meet people, it's always like; what are you going to school for? But here, it's their job. They're the people I'm working for/with. I have a title. Not a big deal, just my first exposure to 'the real world' per say.
I had lunch this week with about 10 "IE's". Why I put quotes is because they either graduated as an IE or do IE work, anyways, TEN! That is over half the size of my IE class at MSOE and I was eating lunch with them. Exciting.
I've attended various meetings. I get to see how ABB is organized and the atmosphere of the staff. I get to see how different people relate and act. I find it fun.
I spent a couple hours this week doing manual labor. I helped grind conduit and attach bushings to them. It's a different story as to why I was doing it, but it was a good experience. I had never used a grinding wheel before (I don't know if they knew that, but I caught on). I only walked away with a minor sliver from a piece of metal, not bad.
I've met mostly all of the production employees. I think that's awesome! I'm glad I'm already establishing a relationship with the people whom I want to trust me. Production is so important.
I might (most likely) will be joining a soccer league through work. :) why not?
I kind of began my summer project today. I was basically on the production floor asking questions. Talking to employees and finding out what they do. What they don't like. What they do like, etc. It's nice to hear it from them because everyone has aspects they like and don't like about their job, and for them, I'm someone to listen to those things and try and accommodate them and improve production.
Like I said, I've already learned so much this week I can't put it in one post. I could talk all day about the company, or just the factory, or the people, or what I do, or what goes on, but I have to save something for a different day. :) Enjoy your weekend! I know I will be.

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