Monday, June 13, 2011

I don't go around FIRE expecting not to sweat

I like adrenaline. (To a point) I like trying new things and seeing new places. I hate the feeling of uncertainty when things could go really wrong but praying they go great. I'm very scheduled and make lists so I don't forget things and stay on track.
I like being the driver so that I'm in control yet like not having control and being uneasy about where I'm going. It builds trust. I have a hard time trusting. Although, I don't think I am untrustworthy at all..
I think money should be used to gain experiences but you should be able to have fun for free.

I have two sayings I think about quite often. 1-"Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt." 2- "Prepare for the worst, pray for the best."
I get shy around new people. My friends would never describe me as shy. But I think it helps establish a foundation. It helps me learn who I'm around and makes it so I don't make a bad first impression, if anything I don't talk much so I can't sound dumb. As I become comfortable, I open up.
As for the other quote, I was just thinking about it cause I took some dumb online quiz for kicks. It was to determine whether you're a pessimist, optimist, or realist. Funny it determined I was a realist. I was kind of hoping for something more exciting, but it was just an online test...I guess I tend to think negatively about situations knowing there's a potential for it to be awesome. I've found that when the situation doesn't go as it should, I'm not as disappointed because I was prepared. Oppositely, when it turns out better, I get more excited because I try not to have high expectations..

Does sorry ever lose its meaning? Can you over use it?...I might just be guilty of that. I'm scared of messing up or being judged so I'm quick to apologize. I also don't like when things are my fault so I guess I think if I say sorry, it will all be fine. But I often say it too much, I am realizing. Am I supposed to teach myself to not care if I offend/hurt someone? I don't like that...but saying sorry is habit.

I can't let these long days catch up to me. When I'm tired, it's time to sleep..

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