Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Can't Wait for Summer

Wisconsin sucks. June 12th, 48 degrees? That's just not okay.

As for other news, I'm thinking about oxymorons. You all know what they are, but I'm talking about in social behavior. This might get complicated and I'm no psychology professional, just the way I see the world. And you have to deal with it because it's my blog ;) haha.
So, I would like to think part of my personality comes from this idea...
I hate when people say how they are but act different. I think everyone does it to a point, but all the time just gets annoying. For example, saying you're a really relaxed person yet in a stressful situation are anything but relaxed. I've been working on not being that person. Or more specifically, trying to establish myself well enough to know who I am and what I do based on past experiences and how I react in situations to be able to say the truth. It's hard. You want to make yourself look like a good person, you want to think you're a good person, but no ones perfect....I also think you change depending on certain situations and might act on both sides of the aspect. Sorry if this is confusing, I would be more specific or try to relate this to something I'm thinking of, but I'm not really thinking specifically...

So, this summer I want to:
Go to the zoo soon
Go to 6 flags
Go skydiving
Ride a horse
Go to the Dells
Watch the sunrise
Go water skiing
Visit Elkhart Lake/Road America

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