Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I have a few random comments on this gloomy Sunday fathers day evening. I can't sleep for numerous reasons and I found myself at bereaj.blogspot searching for an answer to calm my mind. Writing it is...

I haven't decided which I dislike more; being alone or being a 3rd wheel. I might be somewhat sick right now. I think sick is a mental thing, but I also think I have a weak immune system. Or maybe it's me thinking I'm weak that makes me think I'm sick. haha. My throat's been hurting, my nose running, and my eyes are not perfect. My throat always hurts with any chance of me being sick. Might it be my tonsils?

I went shopping in the ghetto today. I knew what I was getting in to, but it was broad daylight so I wasn't really worried. It was just awkward being the token out-of-place white girl. I hate going into grocery stores I'm not familiar with in the first place 'cause you look lost and that wasn't the place I wanted to look lost in...the two people ahead of me in line used food stamps. Thank God for everything I have and don't have (kids).

I had a random sequence of events happen to me at one point this weekend. First, I won tickets to Road America for next weekend through a radio station. Within minutes of that happening, I found $20 on the ground. It put me in an awkward position because someone obviously lost 20 bucks but what should I have done with it? Leave it on the ground for a different random stranger to find? It wasn't in some store that I could have turned it in...Donate it? All sorts of questions...

Back to work tomorrow. I need espresso beans so I can start making my morning coffee at home...

K, I really need to go to bed.

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