Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't know if it was the amount of actual sunlight I saw this weekend or the usual Berea that I have endless emotions tonight.

Here it is, not even 10 on a Sunday summer night and I am at my house, laying in bed, crazy tired. Friday night I stayed in. Not necessarily on purpose, because I fell asleep and happened to wake up at 6:30am on Saturday, that's the first time in forever I have voluntarily gotten up before 10 on a Saturday. I honestly can't remember. Yet it felt SO good. I did house work, cleaning, cooking, laundry, I got so much done. I went to the beach Saturday from 11am-4pm. My arms got a little red, which is so exciting after spending months in a tanning bed! Saturday night I hung out with some girl friends. Woke up 8ish this morning. Worked my restaurant job at 11, done at 3. Went to the beach for a couple more hours of sun and heat. I watched a movie at my friends tonight. It was a great weekend and I feel very satisfied from it.

I decided to begin a spreadsheet of my spending habits. It's a little annoying tracking all my purchases, but I think for the better and if I get used to it, it'll be able to help me. I still have to figure out some of the technical stuff of Excel, but nothing I haven't been exposed to before.

I go back to work tomorrow. I'm still excited. I've been thinking about my project on and off all weekend trying to think of ideas which is 'exciting'. (I say excited/ing way too much.) I'm still getting used to waking up at 6am. It's weird, and I'm scared of sleeping in. Hopefully my body will adjust quick and I won't have to worry about not waking up.

I feel a bit more settled at my new place. I organized some more stuff and put up pictures in my room which feels great. I need to go to walmart or someplace to print off more current pictures sometime in the near future.

I went grocery shopping today. It was fun. I stuck to the ads and went in with no list, only the objective of finding something to make for lunch. In under $25 I walked away with 3 full bags of groceries. I found some amazing deals and stocked up on some good food. Again, like I said, it was fun.

I saw my ex roommate at the beach this weekend. There are still many hostile emotions I have for the situation. She emotionally hurt me so bad it's hard not to have angry feelings toward her :-\

ANYWAYS, I felt productive this weekend. Even though I don't think that's exactly what's contributing to my over-tiredness. Hmm, whatever.

I have one weekend left at the restaurant, aka 3 shifts. It's for the better. I'm working a 40 hour week, I don't know how I'd be able to handle 2o hour weekends on top of that. OH and a 3 credit class. Yikes. Way to go at over-planning again Berea. It'll be better when my weekend job is cleared. Sad, but necessary.

Alright, time to begin my nightly routine of finding an outfit and packing a lunch. Sweet dreams world. <3

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

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