Monday, May 9, 2011

It isn't hott until I'm sweating.

Happy late mothers day.
Happy Birthday to my 25 year old brother :)

Berea's weekly Wisconsin weather update: A weak high of 58 today was sure awesome weather for the Wisconsinites. My 3rd day at work today I worked outside mostly with 17 tables occupied for about 3 hours. I was in a long sleeve and a knee length dress. My hands were pretty cold. Like I said; it isn't hot til I'm sweating. I took a nap today with my heated blanket on. May 8th, heated blanket. :-|
First weekend at work was a success. The food I've eaten has been delicious and what I haven't eaten also looks delicious. Everyone really seems to get along which is an improvement over some places I've worked at or noticed within the first few days, hence why I quit one job after training. I don't think that's a bad reason or makes me a bad employee at all. It's bad for the company if the work atmosphere is not enjoyable, the company is missing out on good employees.
I miss warm weather. I miss my cat.
I need to find an apartment.
Back to school tomorrow, the weekend was again too short. I can't believe it's week 9, this semester has gone so fast. No, this year has gone so fast in hindsight. I have an EE test tomorrow so keep me in your prayers! Thanks!

6th Commandment: "You shall honor your father and your MOTHER so that you may live long in the land the Lord is giving you."

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