Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Employment: Year 4

Hello world,

Sorry I haven't kept updated on here the past week or so, a lot has happened.
Number 1-I moved this past weekend. New chapter in my life. Getting rid of some things in my life that really needed to go. Bittersweet, leaving a house that I lived in for a year, yeah only a year, but a lot has happened in a year. As an adult, I've had my first experience with major friend "drama". I haven't felt the feeling in years of fighting with a friend over what I feel is stupid stuff. It's sad that relationships get to this point...My biggest regret is trying to make it work. Changing myself to be accepted so that the fighting was put off. Not being myself from the start. :-\

Next--I got a REALL summer job! :-D Working at ABB as an IE intern. Has it set in yet? No. Everything worked out so perfect and happened so quickly, I'm amazed, a little surprised, excited. The usual me with all my emotions.
I submitted my resume last week, got called for an interview Tuesday, and offered the job Tuesday night. Bought my first real suit Monday night, for about a $400 value. This is so exciting in so many ways. First, that I beat my competition. I've been so self-conscious about applying for internships, I always belittle myself. I found it hard even applying for internships because I felt I didn't quite have what I needed or there would be someone better than me. I NEED TO STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! This opportunity has already taught me a lot. I found out that about 16 people were being considered for the position I got. Obviously, I have something that those 16 people didn't have. That's such a great feeling and ego-booster, I needed it! Next--My goal was to get an internship before I graduated college. Check. I'm SO so so blessed to have received this opportunity. Three years in school, in classes, of projects, doing stuff for companies, and now I can work the whole summer for the same company and get experience. It's awesome to put to use what I've been learning in my classes because at times, I wonder why I would ever use certain things.
Another great aspect of this job is the company. It's an international company first of all. Let's hope they need someone to travel! ;) Second, the facility I'll be at is awesome. It's a really nice place and the company is actually very well organized compared to many facilities I've been in.
I could really say much more but we'll see how everything goes. I'm starting Tuesday. Talk about jumping into things. My last final is tomorrow at 11 and I'm done with my junior year. I'll be taking 2 classes over the summer which shouldn't conflict with my job because they are night classes, only 2 nights a week.

Alright, well I have my last final tomorrow I want to study more for. Goodnight, again thanks for your prayers, God has blessed me yet again.

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