Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fight or Flight?

Granted we aren't animals, I think this psychological theory pertains to humans as well.
There is a 3rd option; 'freeze', but it's not as often talked about.

This blog post was inspired by something that happened recently to me, which I'll explain in a bit. But, it got me wondering; what is my response in stressful situations?

I'm standing in front of a class full of people; classmates, professors, clients, presenting them with 10 weeks of information, work, findings, preparation. Trying to pretend my nerves aren't getting the best of me and I'm completely prepared. The 10-15 minute presentation is over, a sigh of relief, now to answer questions, the easy part, right? I've been working on this project for 10 weeks, what could I possibly NOT know about this project, right?
Question after question seem to be repeated like no one's understanding. What did I do wrong? What didn't we cover? How did I fail to communicate? It's horrible being compared with other groups that presented before you. You can't say you don't compare when you listen to multiple presentations in a row. Anyways, I felt very attacked today. I kind of freaked out. I was embarrassed, angry, disappointed. My team did most of the talking at this point. I think it was better at the time for me to keep quiet, 'freeze', or I may have began to fight. I don't know if this has ever happened to me before. I've had presentations where the audience is critical with the questions, but I handled it very well, why not today?

Granted this is only one situation, but it made me wonder what kind of person I am. I critique myself way too often, but I'm just trying to figure out this Berea girl I've been living with 20+ years.

Walking alone at night stimulates all my senses. I'm constantly monitoring my surroundings and everyone within eyesight of me. Thinking to myself what I'll do if someone gets too close or touches me. I used to be a runner, I could run. I'd have so much adrenaline, I'd probably be able to put up a decent fight, but it all depends on the situation. The fight or flight theory, says that animals evaluate the situation. They read behavior between the other animal as to what would be the best alternative, and I find that highly conducive. It depends on a myriad of things. If I'm back into the corner, there's obviously no where to run. If a 5'0'' 60lb person is trying to steal my purse, I'd have a good chance of winning so why wouldn't I fight, those kind of things.

Anyways, my presentation just scared me today. I wasn't myself and it didn't make me happy is the point of the story I suppose.

I want summer. I want warm weather.
^^Happy Berea

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